Exec potluck 2016-2017

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Meeting: April 13th 2016



Summer Schedules

Who is around of the new exec?

  • Cora- Around off and on throughout summer (2 week stints away), here September onwards.
  • Artem- Here
  • Byron- Likely here
  • Caitlin- Likely here
  • Else - Gone for 2 weeks in September but around all summer
  • Katie Moreland- Gone July/August, here otherwise
  • Liz- Here
  • Birgit- Here (cannot leave country)
  • Zack- Away all summer, back September
  • Anna- Here
  • Bryan- Gone all summer, back September
  • Carly - around off and on in summer, here for fall term, graduating in the winter
  • Kelsey- Here
  • Nick UC - not around for the summer, will back in September
  • Nick H- Here all summer or none- TBD
  • Jess - gone for 3 weeks in August, here otherwise
  • Devon- Gone all summer, back September
  • George- TBD
  • Lea- Here
  • Corey- Likely here
  • Kevin- Gone all summer, back in September

Who is around of the old exec (not listed above)?

  • Cassandra- Away 2 months summer (June/July)
  • Andrew- Here
  • Sebastian- Leaving us :(
  • Gabe- Leaving us :( ; but here June/July
  • Koby- gone early May to late June, back in September onwards
  • Fangwen- leaving us :(
  • Matt- gone summer
  • Roland (except for a couple of weeks when I go to the Rockies)- here

Organizational Summer things

  1. Exec Meetings: wed 5:30 PM biweekly<-- this is old and should be updated. WILL SEND DOODLE POLL OUT NEXT WEEK ONCE SCHEDULES MORE CONSOLIDATED
  2. Check mail - Else
  3. Gear Hours - 2-3 hours a week? Anna, Carly, Kelsey, and others? Will schedule amongst selves
  4. Who will book rooms in the sub? New room booking forms- up to 3 people: they suggest President, Treasurer and PR. But Corey needs to be able to as well. Recommend Jess and Corey for sure. Katie.
  5. Beach barbecue every first Wednesday of each month. Byron (BBQs in clubroom, on top of back shelves in clubroom)

Proposed Summer Trips

  • Things to add: work hikes, any planned trips, etc.
  • Every exec needs to run at least 2 trips over this next year, so think about when you want to run them


  • Hot Springs- Kev
  • Squamish Climbing FAFF
  • Day Hikes- Else
  • Hikes?
  • Climbing?
  • Spring Skiing?


  • BBQ - Byron
  • Son of Rock - Byron
  • End May Intermediate Baker Ski Descent- Andrew
  • Mid May Low Output Hiking Trip- Artem
  • Beginner Friendly Climbing- Gabe
  • Skaha Climbing- Birgit
  • Lizzie work hike- Lea (if snow melts)
  • Beginner/Intermediate Hike- Kelsey


  • BBQ: - Byron
  • Lead Ladder? Anyone hear? (Cora will e-mail and ask)
  • Climbing in Skaha/Leavenworth/Vantage? Gabe!
  • Howe Sound Sea Kayaking? Caitlin?
  • Veenstra traverse? (e-mail and ask)
  • Howe Sound Crest Trail run- Carly
  • Work Hike to Lizzie- Lea
  • Hikes- Liz
  • Moderate Output Hike- Artem
  • Lions- Katie


  • BBQ: Byron
  • Another traverse?
  • Alcoholic traverse?
  • Stein Valley traverse?
  • Scrambling trips?
  • Some beginner-friendly hiking, scrambling and climbing trips
  • High Ball Boulder Day? Corey? Olek?
  • Intro to Bouldering
  • Halfway across Neve- Roland
  • Bike/Hike- Else
  • Cycle Tour- Jess, Nick H, Liz
  • Kettle Valley Railway- Jess, Carly, Birgit
  • Scramble trip- Cora
  • Work Hikes (George, Lea)
  • Bugaboos (Gabe, Cora)
  • Contact Sam McCoy: Alpine Skills? Cora will contact


  • BBQ: Byron
  • Alcoholic Traverse? Liz + Mentor, Carly, Cora (?)
  • Hiking Trips: Carly, Else, Kelsey, Kev
  • Some scrambling trips: Liz, Kelsey
  • Some beginner-friendly hiking, scrambling and climbing trips
  • G2- Arran Whitford (Cora contact and ask)
  • Mountaineering Camp- Sam McCoy? Omid? Amin?
  • Phelix: Nick H
  • Wedgemount- Cora


  • BBQ: Byron
  • Harrison Hut (Roland)
  • Glacier school 1 - Zack
  • Clubs days, Imagine Day, etc - ?? (print posters?) -> Liz
  • Longhike - Byron
  • Climbing in Skaha/Leavenworth/Vantage? Kelsey + mentor
  • Some beginner-friendly hiking, scrambling and climbing trips
  • Indian Arm Sea Kayaking trip- Koby
  • Indian Arm Hiking- Devin (very far)

Other ideas

  1. Veenstra Summer Traverse
  2. Sea Kayaking
  3. Juan de Fuca trail
  4. Lions
  5. Black Tusk trip
  6. Garibaldi lake
  7. Cheakamus Garibaldi
  8. Matier - as some intro to mountaineering?
  9. Baker
  10. Rainier?
  11. See Roland's "Summer with VOC" http://www.ubc-voc.com/phorum5/read.php?3,117149
  12. Tantalus
  13. Canoe Trip
  14. Wedgemount

Other Items to Discuss

  1. Summer Exec meetings (suggestions now? Will send out Doodle Poll)
  2. Office hours (for the busy time in September/October we need office hours in addition to gear hours, 11-1pm, most days)
  3. Get quartermaster helpers
  4. gear repair sessions
  5. We need to start doing some Orgsync-y stuff: upload all signed waivers of all members, etc.- I will talk to Liz about this
  6. Mentors for First Time Trip Leaders: Get list of volunteers, sign up sheet in clubroom? Put in VOCene. Approach people in gear hours. Contact people individually. Gabe and Birgit work together on this.