Exec report - Vice President 2006 - 2007

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Vice-President: Richard So


Longhike was held at the Evans Lake Forest Recreation Centre this year. They require a liquor license, so this should be done well in advance of the event. Somebody needs to have a Serving it Right license, who is then responsible for getting a Special Occasions License from any BC Liquor Store, and then going to Squamish to get approval from the RCMP. You also need insurance from the AMS.

Longhike is currently booked for September 29-30, 2007. This is an ideal date, since the weather is still good in September, it’s not Thanksgiving, and there’s ample time after Clubs Day.

Some notes regarding the Evans lake place: • Be sure to print out the directions from their website • Talk to the people at the Evans Lake place in August or September to arrange a meeting maybe? This was brought up last year as a way to better coordinate everybody • The Kitchen staff were pissed off that we overwhelmed them with hungry students o To solve this problem, have all the Rock 1 students arrive earlier to eat, and the Rock 2 and 3 to arrive later (account for VOC time)

Longhike should be advertised once school starts, but tickets shouldn’t be sold until clubs day to allow new members to sign up. Usually long hike fills up fast. We sold 120 tickets last year, and had approximately 25 instructors. On the signup sheet, be sure to find out if people are vegetarian, and if they have cars. Preferred rock levels too, Rock 1, Rock 2, Rock 2.5, Rock 3. Ask Arlin well in advance to free up his weekend to DJ at Longhike. He might instruct too if you ask nicely. Delegate an executive (somebody with a Costco card) to buy candy necklaces. These are popular. If you have money in the budget (you should), get some door prizes from MEC. Past items included biners, belay devices, webbing etc. Ask the quartermasters to have extra gear hours on the week prior to Longhike, preferably everyday so people can rent harnesses and shoes. Put somebody in charge of selling t-shirts and songbooks at Longhike. Ask the Public Relations person to book a large room (WOOD 1 is good) for the pre-trip meeting. Organize your instructors ahead of time. Important points include explaining what to teach for each levels, when to show up, and to bring a tent for themselves. Decide if you want to have all the cars meet up at Murrin Park or Smoke Bluffs.

At the pre-trip meeting, take attendance to confirm the number of spots. If people are not at the trip meeting without anybody representing them, you can give their spot to somebody on the waiting list. Have driving direction available to drivers (this should be given out at clubs day too). Explain that students need to bring a lunch, potluck dessert, sleeping bags etc, climbing gear etc. The best part of the night is organizing the cars, its like herding sheep. The Rock 3 instructors should also talk to the Rock 3 students to make sure they’re ready to learn to lead. Don’t bring gear for rent to the meeting, since it just makes things more confusing.

The actual event:

Saturday: It’s pretty easy if you’re still alive by this point. Show up earlier at the parking lot, and go for a climb, since that’s likely your only climb of the day. Once the cars start trickling in, separate the group in Rock 1, Rock 2, and Rock 3. Send them off once they have instructors.

Teach all day.

Show up at Evans Lake at least 30 minutes in advance, so you can help get things set up. The Evans Lake people have a system of serving people food, try to cooperate with them.

Once everybody is finished eating, ask Arlin to start playing music, to get people to start dancing. Hand out the candy necklaces. Try not to get too drunk. Start climbing things. Slackline. Hand out the door prizes.

Sunday: You will be stuck here until the very end. You will have to delegate people to help you clean up everything. That includes the kitchen, the dance hall, and all the rooms, and washrooms. If you make it to this point, good job.

Monday: Book Longhike. Don’t piss off next year’s Vice-President.


This year it was held at the ANZA Club.

We charged $2 for people who arrived before 6pm, and $7 for people who arrived after 6pm. The schedule for the night was: elections, budget, dinner, dessert, photo awards, slideshow, awards, dancing. Advertise the banquet well in advance, since you need quorum to pass the budget etc.

Don’t bother with hot pots, crockpots are far superior and cheaper. Each exec cooked a tasty dish, enough to feed 10 VOCers (that’s equal to 15 normal people). Everybody else brought desserts. The ANZA club had some plates and stuff in the backroom, I don’t think they minded that we secretly used them. For decorations, we used the roll of white paper from the clubroom, and I brought crayons. The ANZA club has these tea light holders, consider bringing tea lights for next year.

We bought two 50L keg, one 19L keg, 8L of wine, and 4L of cider. We only finished one 50L keg, 4L of wine, and the 4L of cider. The good thing is that you can return un-opened kegs. There’s an ice machine at the ANZA club. The brewery that we bought the kegs from (R&B), only provided one plastic tub. Two would be better so you could cool two kegs at once, but that doesn’t really matter if the first one doesn’t get finished. The hand pump was ok since we didn’t have that many people buying beer at once. We bought 200 of those red cups from Costco for $12, and there should be more left for next year.

You’ll need a liquor license for the ANZA club. Somebody needs to have the Manager version of the Serving it Right, and then pay for the Special Occasion License at the BC liquor store. You’ll also have to pay tax for serving booze. The AMS also wants your money for their insurance.

The most active new members (male and female) received a $25 MEC gift certificate each. The slideshow presenter was given a $50 MEC gift certificate. There’s also the $100 Roland Burton Beginner Friendly-ness award, but that doesn’t have to be awarded each year.