Exec report - Vice President 2007 - 2008

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Vice-President: Ben Singleton-Polster

2007 Longhike

1) pick a date. This should have been done by the year before's executive. if it was not done come up with one fast and move on to step 2.
2) Get in touch with Evans lake. lots of work was done during the summer of 2007 to determine a good spot. the pemberton outdoors school seems to not function any more and is way too far, the lions are too expensive, people want to party and making food is a hassle. Evans lake is the best! Evans lake may be a hassle bcs we only want to rent the place for 1 night and they want to rent it out for the friday and saturady but eventually you will get a weekend that works for you. 3) Organise instructors, liqour licence candy neckalces, etc.
4) screen the insctructos and pair up an experienced one with a non experienced one
5) sell tickets
6) have an instructor meeting
7) have a student meeting
8) go to murrin and faff
9) party

2008 Banquet

Paper to cover the tables should be gotten by asking for a "roll end" and these can be procured from Horizon or ......

7:00 Annual general meeting

  • Budget (Dan)
  • Constitution changes (DAN)
  • Access issues (Christian Veenstra)

7:30 Election (Kaja)

8:00 - Dinner and Awards (Jeff, Christian, and others for awards)

Winners of the club awards

  • Bronze Pin: Christian Champagne
  • Special Recognition/Award: (presented by Duncan and Jeff)
  • Most active new member - Emma Vardy-Bragg, Ran Zhang (both $25 MEC GC)
  • Broken Board: Evan, Jason and Steve (Presented by Veenstra) (fording a river balls-deep when there was a bridge just down the stream)
  • Kitchen Sink: (Presented by Matthew Carroll)
  • Loving Cup: Christian Veenstra and Line Christiansen
  • Chorus Line: Matthew Carroll
  • Old Geezer: Tim Blair
  • Silver Pins: Scott Nelson, Sandra Nicol (presented by Tim Blair)

Winners of the photo contest (Presented by Christian Sampaleanu)

Winners of the journal will be announced

9:00 - Slideshow followed by dancing. (Arlin and Helen)

  • This year, we have the honour of having a past VOCer, Helen Lemon-Moore (Archivist '77 - '78). She will be showing various slides of VOC activities during her stay with the club.
  • Salty Dog Rag

12:00 - We all have to go home or to the pub or Siwash rock