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THIS REPORT IS NOT UPDATED YET, SORRY VP 2011-2013: Veronika Schmitt

I agreed to fill the position for two years, because nobody could be convinced to take over. In the second year, I was a bit less enthusiastic, so I was happy for Caitlin's and Cora's help with the winter social and banquet. Many documents about longhike (budget, template for printing tickets, liquor license and insurance information) can be found now online in the execs section.


Main article: Longhike logistics

Venue - Sunwolf Outdoor Centre

  • So far a great location. We booked the whole centre from Friday to Sunday (end of September/beginning or October) for the 4th year now (it is already booked and paid for longhike 2013). They like us because we always clean up so well and because I handed in the required documents early before the event (liquor license, insurance). They also let us play loud music until late as long as the speakers pointed towards the forest and train tracks and not towards the neighbors). Very nice and cool people.

The outdoor centre also has three big BBQs for making the burgers. If you start making burgers at least 30 min before people come back from climbing and wrap them up in aluminum foil to keep them warm, it kind of works. There is also a very nice hot tub, which will be gross after the event. Someone (eg the VP) will have to clean it up.

MEC Grassroot Grant / Door prizes

  • 2011 we did not receive any door prizes, but for 2012 we got quite a large amount of quickdraws, belay devices, chalk bags, carabiners..

Prizes were drawn randomly based on Longhike tickets numbers, some students were very happy. The raffle should not take up too much time, and should be done in between songs, otherwise the party mood will be gone..

Longhike instructors

  • Instructors were not charged to attend Longhike, although it was discussed to charge them $10 at some point.

Longhike Beer

  • Beer was ordered from Storm Brewing. 6 kegs and the pumping equipment. Ice had to be bought separately (around 6 bags).

Longhike DJ

  • We had Oker and Arlin, they brought their equipment. The second year some random dude came during the night and stole some equipment. Because of this and because some other random guys were joining the party earlier, we discussed to close off the area and have a security person.

Longhike Party Tent

The first year we had the party tents, tent flooring, some tables and chairs from BC Tent Rental, they came Friday evening set everything up and picked it up on Sunday again, very easy. The second year we had Awesome-Craig-Tent Rental, which was way cheaper, but involved a lot of work. Craig managed the whole tent situation brilliantly, he transported everything and set-up everything (together with other VOCers) and he also transported the beer and brought disco lights. Someone might ask, if there was anything left to do for the VP? Yes there was.. a little bit.

Longhike Food We ordered food and pop from the AMS food services. The amounts can be found in one of the exec documents. The manager promised to give us a good deal next year, because they somehow forgot to charge us but reimbursed us for the extra pop I returned. We bought mayonaise and some tin foil extra. It is also advisable to bring bowls and big plates for the veggies and patties.

Longhike Event

  • was good I guess.

Winter Social

  • held at AUS MASS Space in Buch D
    • Free of charge because someone had negotiated a special one-time only deal earlier in the year. They will charge us from now on. The cost might not make this a feasible venue in the future
    • Comes with a screen for slideshows, couches, tables, kitchen area, washroom
  • We broke a table again, but this time we were able to hide the fact
  • had way too much dessert, and not enough main courses, so try to limit the amount of dessert people bring

Annual Banquet

Main article: Banquet logistics
  • held at St. James Community Hall ~$280
  • need to pick up keys and do an orientation 2 weeks before the event
  • need the AMS non-profit number (11946 0632 RT 10001) for discounted booking rate
  • Microphone + speakers is booked through the Rogue Folk Club (ask St. James people) for $50. They forgot to show up this year, so we were refunded. Try to remind them just before the event, but they are very bad at responding to email.
  • Slideshow presenter Kelly Franz brought prizes that were given out for trivia question answers
  • Paul was the MC
  • exec was instructed to bring extra food to make sure we had enough. in the end there was plenty!
  • VOC provided drinks - copious amounts of juice purchased from Costco