Winter Social logistics

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Organization Timeline

2 months before event


  • Decide when the Banquet will take place. Typically held before fall exams start. To be decided during an exec meeting.


  • Decided where the Winter Social will be held. On campus is fine.
  • Pay for venue and get a contract and give it to the AMS to sign. (You are not supposed to sign it for legal reasons: this must be done in advance)

1 month before event

Special Occasion Liquor License (Optional)

  • Get a SOL (Special Occasion License) form from a BC Liquor store if you plan to sell beer/alcoholic beverages. Someone with a Serving It Right certification must do this. The certification can be done online at, takes 2 hours to complete and cost $35.
    • If on campus: Bring paper filled form to campus RCMP to approve and sign it. Bring completed form to BC liquor store to purchase it. Give it to the AMS and get insurance (this is expensive and must be done at least 3 weeks in advance of the event!)
    • If off campus: Bring paper filled form to AMS offices and get insurance (this must be done at least three weeks in advance of the event and will cost about $270-350 depending on how much beer and people will be present)

Miscellaneous stuff

  • Find speaker/ slide show presenter
  • Find DJ (Arlin, Oker) (optional). Fees are usually about $150.
  • Get SOCAN (music license) if applicable usually $40-60

2 weeks before event

  • Announce event - post on wiki, VOCene, message board
  • Post a sign-up for the potluck (wiki)
  • Make sure to have a good resolution digital projector (at least XGA (1024×768 pixels))

Day of the event

  • Transport projector if needed
  • Remind people to bring their own plate, cup, cutlery