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The Climbing Wall Coordinator:

  • Arranges a schedule for the use of the Climbing Wall.
  • Ensures that routes etc. are changed at frequent intervals, and a good range of grades are represented.
  • Organizes the annual climbing competition.
  • Books VOC space in SUB through the AMS Booking Agent.
  • A good position for somebody who likes indoor climbing.


Climbing wall bookings

Not necessarily the hardest thing to do, but the most regular task of the climbing wall coordinator involves booking hours for the climbing wall from the AMS. Because the climbing wall is in the same space as the Norm theatre, we must book hours and then receive confirmation that no other groups are using the theatre space at the same time. This is done by emailing the AMS Booking Coordinator (amsbookings at ams dot ubc dot ca). Ideally the outgoing climbing wall coordinator will let the booking coordinator know that you will be contacting them for the next year. It helps to keep a good relationship with the booking coordinator since they can help you get the times you need and generally make room bookings easier. Please see this page for a form letter to book the wall.

After receiving confirmation of the hours the wall is booked, the next job is to update the climbing wall hours on the wiki. Doing this every 3 weeks or so is a good interval to make the bookings and update the wiki. For special events such as the climbing wall competition (or any other evening that you want to make sure the wall is booked), you should try to make the booking at least a month or two in advance. The film society uses the theatre most evenings to show movies, so it can be very tough to get those hours.

Booking other rooms

In addition to booking the climbing wall, the AMS booking coordinator can be contacted to book any other room in the SUB. These are usually free for AMS clubs to book. Booking rooms around UBC requires contacting Classroom Services (classroomservices at students dot ubc dot ca). You need to get the president and treasurer to sign a form that gives you permission to book rooms from Classroom Services on behalf of the club. Refer to this page for a form letter for booking classrooms. This is often done for big pretrip meetings or slide shows.

Climbing wall competition

The climbing wall coordinator organizes the annual VOC climbing competition. This happens sometime in the spring, before the year end banquet and exams roll around. As mentioned above, its a good idea to book the wall for an evening at least a month or two in advance. In the months leading up to the competition, you should also apply for a grant from MEC for prizes to give away at the competition. It's nice to have prizes for the winners as well as door prizes. We usually charge admission to the competition which can help subsidize prizes as well.

A few weeks before the competition advertise on the message board and make a wiki page with information. In the week or two before the competition, you should organize people to come in and set new routes on the wall. You don't need to have experience route setting to help out, but its useful if there's someone around who has done it before. Teams of two work best, but if an odd number of people show up, one person with ascenders on a fixed line can still work on a route. There should be a variety of routes put up, in the 5.7 - 5.11 range. You need easy routes so people who aren't super climbers can still enjoy the wall, and a couple really tough routes help decide the winners in the competition. Before the competition, make sure there are enough ropes up at the wall, as well as enough materials for crate stacking.

Current Exec Report

2009 - 2010

Climbing Wall Coordinator: Paul Lanfranchi

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