Jim Haberl Hut

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Jim Haberl Hut
Jim Haberl Hut, Tantalus Range, British Columbia. Photo: Liz Scremin
Overnight Capacity 12
Elevation 2030 m
Fee $35 / night
$25 / night for ACC members
Reservations Yes
Locked Yes
Access Lake Lovelywater Trail
Built 2005
Caretaker Alpine Club of Canada, Vancouver Section
  • Type: unknown
  • Status: unknown
  • Number: unknown
  • Management: unknown

The Jim Haberl Hut is a one-story wood structure with metal roofing and cladding that is owned and maintained by the Vancouver ACC Section. The hut is located on the edge of Tantalus Provincial Park in the Serratus-Dione Col and provides a comfortable base for mountaineering and hiking within the Tantalus Range. There is a large kitchen and sitting room, plus two sleeping rooms with bunks for 12. The kitchen is outfitted with propane cook tops and full cooking and eating utensils and a free-standing wood stove can help keep the hut cosy on cool days. The Jum Haberl Hut is a locked hut and you must make a reservation to stay here. There is an unlocked vestibule for emergency use.


The Jim Haberl Hut was built on site during the summer of 2005 and spring of 2006 by the ACC and Jim’s family and friends. Prefabrication of the hut frame was completed with the assistance of the 192nd Airfield Engineers during the summer of 2004.

Fees and Reservations

Reservations are required to stay at the Jim Haberl Hut and can be made year round. To book your stay, contact the hut custodian on the Alpine Club of Canada - Vancouver Section website here: http://accvancouver.ca/huts-operated-by-the-vancouver-section/

  • ACC members: $25 per person per night
  • Non-members: $35 per person per night
  • Day users: Donation of $10 per person is requested.

All VOC student members are ACC members. To pick up your ACC membership card come by the Clubroom.


Access on Foot: In the summer the hut can be accessed by means of a roughly 6-hour hike starting from the Tantalus Hut at Lake Lovely Water. Take the Lake Lovelywater Trail, carry on past Lambda Lake, then follow a mountaineering route up steep scree & snow to the Ionia-Serratus Col. Cross a small glacier northwards to the Serratus-Dione Col. Access to the Lake Lovely Water trail requires crossing the Squamish River. Please call the hut custodian or BC Parks for the latest information on the jetboat service to cross the river.

Access by Helicopter: Squamish Airport direct to hut. Contact Black Tusk Helicopters (604-898-4800) or Blackcomb Aviation (604-898-1067 or 1-877-273-5311). Most parties choose this method of arrival as it avoids the river problem, the long hike to the lake, and the long sketchy hike beyond the lake.


Heating Free-standing Wood Stove
Lighting Headlamps (No Open Flames permitted)
Cooking Two Propane Cooktops & Cooking and Eating Utensils
Fire Safety unknown
First Aid unknown
Sleeping Two sleeping rooms with Bunks. Unlocked vestibule for emergency use.
Capacity 12 persons
Drinking water Non-potable Rooftop Water Collection System (Hand Pump at Kitchen Sink) or a Creek about 10 min North
Human Waste Outhouse 20m North of Hut
Greywater unknown
Garbage Pack it out

Cooking and Water

For cooking the kitchen is fully equipped with 2 propane cook-tops and full cooking and eating utensils. For water, snow must be melted in winter and spring. In early summer, water can be collected where it runs in rivulets across rocks. A fairly major ‘creek’ forms on the glacier to the north about 10 minutes away. A roof-top water collection system stores water in a tank in the crawlspace and provides water via a hand-pump at the kitchen sink. This water is non-potable and must be treated and/or boiled for drinking and washing food.

Heating and Lighting

For heating, A free-standing wood stove keeps the hut cosy on cool days. Compressed wood bricks are provided. Visitors should bring newspapers and matches/lighters to start a fire. For lighting, wiring has been roughed in for future lighting. A wind or solar power system is being considered. For now, visitors are advised to bring headlamps. Candles and other open flames are not permitted in the hut.


There is an outhouse located 20m North of the Hut.



Avalanche serious.gif Avalanche Hazard
The route and terrain described here is capable of producing avalanches. Safe travel requires the skills and equipment to assess and mitigate avalanche hazards. A professionally taught training course is highly recommended.

The terrain is not suitable for general ski touring due to the avalanche hazard, however steep skiing and snowboarding is possible by experienced parties during spring months.


The terrain around the hut is dramatic and most suitable for intermediate and advanced climbers. There is a wide variety of mixed snow and rock routes of various grades on peaks such as: Tantalus 2603m (8540'); Dione 2590m (8500'); Alpha 2305m (7562'); Serratus 2326m (7632') and many others. Climbing in the area is covered in Climbing and Hiking in Southwestern B.C. by Bruce Fairley, and in Alpine Select by Kevin McLane.




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