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The Lead Ladder is an instructional rock climbing course designed for those who aspire to lead climb traditionally protected single and multi-pitch routes. It consists of 4 x 2 hour evening sessions and a weekend in Squamish.

The Lead Ladder is not a formal qualification, merely an organised means of passing on skills. People will be closely mentored throughout the course, which has a 2:1 student to instructor ratio. The basic idea is for people who have already done some roped climbing (perhaps top roping or sport) to gain skills and experience safely by leading routes well within their comfort zone of at least 5.7 and up (there is no mock leading). Whilst you will learn skills required to lead climb, it won't teach you how to move on rock more efficiently or turn you into a 'climber' per se, but it will certainly accelerate that process. Several people who attended last year went from mainly top-roping in the Bluffs to full length routes on the Chief. 10 places are available. If more than 10 apply, people will be selected based on their suitability for the course, how much time they have left at UBC to give some skills back and on a first come first served basis.

Note however that the four classroom sessions are open to anyone and will be between 6.30 and 8.30pm either by the chain link fence across the road from Mahony's pub or at the wall in the Norm Theatre. If you're not on the course, please SIGN UP FOR THE CLASSROOM SESSIONS BY EDITING THIS PAGE. The classroom sessions consist of equipment theory, belay systems, hoists/rescues/emergencies, and TBC.


  • 3 Jun Equipment (Theory) - Norm Theatre
  • 10 Jun Belay systems (Practical) - MacInnis Field (Norm Theatre if wet)
  • 17 Jun Hoists, Rescues & Emergencies (Practical) - Norm Theatre


  • 8 Jul Hoists, Rescues & Emergencies (Practical) - Norm Theatre
  • The Lead Ladder weekend is 11-12 Jul. We will camp overnight in Squamish.

Participant Requirements (Questions to Ask Yourself)

  1. Can I usually top rope 5.8 outdoors cleanly?
  2. Am I happy falling off as a second or on a top rope?
  3. Do I want to / do I feel ready to lead?
  4. Have I got more than 1 year left in the VOC?
  5. Will I be attending VOC climbing meets so that the club can make use of my new skills?

The answer to all of these should be yes, but the system isn't immune to flexibility.


There will also be some background learning (not too much), which I will post to the message board before each session.

Evening Session Sign Up

Number Jun 3
Jun 10
Belay Systems
Jun 17
Hoists, Rescues
& Emergencies 1
Jul 8
Hoists, Rescues
& Emergencies 2
1 Kasia C Kasia C Kasia C Kasia C
2 Mike C Emmanuel B Emmanuel B
3 Dylan H Dylan H Dylan H Dylan H
4 Edwin C Edwin C
5 Genevieve Genevieve
6 Aida Aida Aida Aida
7 Kyle Kyle Kyle Kyle
8 Niusha Niusha Niusha
9 Shona Shona
10 Ryan M Ryan M Ryan M Ryan M
11 Nicole Ong Nicole Ong Nicole Ong
12 Ian Johnston
13 Cora Skaien Cora Skaien Cora Skaien Cora Skaien
14 Rodrigo S. Rodrigo S. Rodrigo S. Rodrigo S.
15 Amin A. Amin A. Amin A,
16 Natalie Ceperley
16 Murray Down Murray Down Murray Down Murray Down
17 Katie Cullen Katie Cullen Katie Cullen
18 Daniel Joseph Daniel Joseph
19 Hilary Wong Hilary Wong