Lizzie Creek Cabin

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Lizzie Creek Cabin
Lizzie South East.JPG
Lizzie Creek Cabin (Summer 2017)
Overnight Capacity
Elevation 1610m
Reservations No
Locked No
Access Lizzie Creek Cabin Trail
Built 1968
  • Naming the Mountains by George Richardson
  • Cabin sleeps eight comfortably. Two downstairs and six in the loft. There can be a lot of condensation on the un-insulated metal roof if drying cloths or cooking without lids on pots. The water tends to drip in the loft.
  • New shutters were installed by Tom Anderson a few years back. Please close them when leaving.
  • Please shovel the roof in the winter. It takes the weight off the cabin and ensures its survival.
  • Please leave cut firewood for winter use only and use it sparingly in the stove. Consider taking in "presto" logs if you are flying in and have extra space. If you are flying in and out, consider taking in a chainsaw as there are a couple of dead trees nearby. There is an air damper on the right side of the stove. Push back to reduce air flow and conserve fuel.
  • Cabin has two Coleman stoves and 2 Coleman lanterns (liquid fuel). Bring your own fuel and spare mantles for the lantern. Both working as of Sept 2023.
  • Please consider posting you trip plans to "South Coast Touring" and to this site to avoid overcrowding the cabin.
  • There are lots of pots, pans, fry pans, cups, plates and utensils for 10. Please put them back in the bins to keep them clean from the army of mice which also call this cabin home.

The trail was cleared of alder over a six day period with a dozen + volunteers in the spring and summer of 2022/2023 by a BCMC group and a number of volunteers from across the ski touring and hiking community and you should find the trail much easier to ski in the winter and much drier to hike in the summer. A firewood supply was cut that should last a half dozen trips or so this winter. The BC Mountain Foundation has put up money for building a new outhouse late next summer and there are plans for more work on the trail in the spring ( Check out the BCMC trip schedule if you would like to help out. If you would like recent information on the cabin, please contact [email protected]. As of September 2023 the cabin and trail were in great shape, but a new log book is needed. There is no liquid fuel for the stoves and lanterns. Do not use the mixed gas that is in the cabin, which is for chainsaws.

Lizzie area ski map:


Winter 2023: Group of 5 heading to the cabin 2/24-2/26/2023 contact [email protected]

Winter 2023: Group of 8 heading to cabin 3/2/2023-3/6/23 contact [email protected] works.

Winter 2023: Group of 2-5 heading to cabin 12/27/2023-12/31/2023 contact [email protected]