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Mackenzie Grant Administration

The purpose of this wiki page is to create a framework for the administration of the Mackenzie Grant, including timing of events and recommended execution. It is a living document intended to be modified as the program continues to grow and evolve.

Elliott Skierszkan, March 2017


The Mackenzie Adventure Grant (NMAG) is a memorial grant program honouring late VOCer Neil Mackenzie, who died in a mountain accident in January 2015. Neil was an avid mountaineer, climber, surfer and adventurer and a great companion in the mountains. To commemorate Neil's passion for outdoor adventure, the Mackenzie Family, in collaboration with the VOC, has created an annual grant program wherein members of the VOC community are eligible for funding to help them realize outdoor adventure trips. Details regarding the application process are found here.

Timeline & To-Do List for Mackenzie Grant Administration

Timing Item
March Annual VOC Banquet: Mackenzie Grant Winners are announced to VOC community.
March-April Establish communication between award winners, VOC Treasurer and Mackenzie Family ([email protected]) to discuss arrangement of payment to award winners. Ensure award winners understand criteria for delivery of payment (i.e. delivering a slide-show to VOC, writing a trip report for Mackenzie Trust and for VOC Journal and VOC Web page).
Summer Award winners execute trip (typically in summer months, but can be at any time of year)
Fall Ensure award winners deliver a slide-show to VOC Community, and write trip reports for VOC website + journal and Mackenzie Trust web page

Communicate with Exec to ensure VOC fundraising activities (e.g. hosting mountain film viewings) include some fundraising for NMAG

Advertise next year's competition to club membership: create trip on trip agenda, use word-of-mouth (encourage QMs to discuss with members), print posters for club room and post on VOC Facebook page

Revise application form for next year's competition, in consultation with Mackenzies

Update award program's ([email protected]), including posting the new application forms

Set deadline for application, typically set for late January, in consultation with Mackenzies

December-January Encourage VOC Community to apply for grant
Late January Application deadline: Applications are sent to [email protected] Ask Elliott Skierszkan for account access details.

Assemble committee of VOCers to review applications once they arrive. Consider including alumni who knew VOC workings well, but don't know current applicants personally.

Schedule applications review meeting:

  -Create meeting agenda
  -Facilitate a meeting where all participants are encouraged to share opinions upon reviewing the applications. Food and beer are helpful to bribe participants to attend!
  -Ideally, work towards a group consensus and decision to recommend award winners and funding to Mackenzies

February-March Coordinate with Mackenzies and VOC committee to finalize award winners

Announce winners at Annual Banquet in March

Carry on for another year, or find a new person to do this.