Mount Hanover

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Access to Mount Hanover is from the Howe Sound Crest Trail. Coming from the north, follow the trail past Deeks Lake, Hanover Lake and to the far side of Brunswick Lake. Ascend a rocky talus slope that curves around to the south side of Hanover.

Coming from the south, cross Hat Pass and descend to 1350m where an obvious bench crosses below the north face of Brunswick Mountain. Follow the bench and link up with the previous route to access the south face.

South Face Gullies

There are several gullies that split the rocky south face of Hanover. The rightmost one is barred by two chockstones, which can be climbed at class 4. The next gully to the left is easier - class 2 with a few class 3 steps. Bring a helmet because there is lots of loose rock.