Mount Harvey

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Mount Harvey Region South Coast
Mount Harvey is in the middle
Elevation 1652 m (5420 ft)
Quick Info This peak is found behind Lions Bay and prominently located between Brunswick Mountain and The Lions. Harvey's Pup, a huge rock tower, is found on the NW side. The north side is a steep rock face and the south side, an inclined clearcut. This bowl was logged in the 1950's and never replanted. 50 years later, it has yet to regrow anything significant except for alders. However, when snow covered, it makes a good ski run. In Magnesia Meadows, to the east of Harvey on the Howe Sound-Capilano main divide, an emergency shelter is located. Don't get too excited.



It's a wonderful trail through the forest and on top of a ridge. There are explicit 360 views looking at Howe Sound, the Lions, Mt. Brunswick, and various other mountains and lakes. It is a challenging hike since the elevation gain is of 1500 meters to hike up in only 6km of trail, so it is fairly steep most the way, but it is definately worth it and a great work out. If you have previously done the Lions or Mt. Brunswick and liked that type of hike, then this is perfect as it is about the same difficulty and the same reward, that is just as close from Vancouver as the Lions themselves.

Route Info

  • Trailhead elevation: 240 meters
  • Elevation Gain: 1412 meters
  • Trail length: 6.25 km one way
  • Time to complete: 7-8 hours
  • Difficulty: moderate/hard
  • Technical difficulty: steep trail, some rock scrambling


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Drive North from Vancouver for about 11km on Hwy 99 toward Lions Bay then take The Oceanview Road exit. Take the left on Cross Creek Road, turn right on Centre Road, left on Bayview Road, pass by a school, left on Mountain Drive, then finally left on Sunset Drive and park near the yellow gate. No parking fees are involved, but as there is limited space, you want to make sure that you are there not to late as then there will be no available spots. If the trailhead parking is full, alternative parking is available at the elementary school back down the road. There is a new trail connecting the elementary school overflow parking to the main trail.

Lions Bay can be reach by public transit on community shuttle bus C12 from Horsehoe Bay. (Bus 257 goes to Horseshoe Bay from downtown Vancovuer) The bus route ends in the middle of the village, so you will have to walk the last 2km or so from the bus stop to the trailhead.

Parking at the trailhead has been a bit of an issue. The municipality has put up "No Parking" signs. There is limited parking for non-residents at the trailhead. You may need to hunt around for parking elsewhere in town. Additional parking can be found at the school that you pass on the way to the trailhead. There is a trail from the school parking lot that joins up with the main road beyond the yellow gate.

Trail Description

The trailhead is at the same old "parking lot" as for the West Lion and Brunswick Mountain trails. The start is just past the yellow gate, up the long gravel road. Ignore the first intersection on the road and head right. The second intersection you will pass is the the turnoff for Brunswick Mountain to the left, so just keep right for now. On the third one, keep right again as the trail to the left leads to the north face of Mt. Harvey and is not the correct trail, although it is possible to climb it with plenty of effort and precaution. Consider it if you are looking for a moderate climb and have the proper equipment. Finally, on the fourth intersection, turn left as the right will take you up to the Lions. If you are weary of these intersections, not to worry as they are all properly marked and hard to miss. Now through the forest, up, up and up. There will be a waterfall where you could make a short break and fill up on water, note that this is about the only place with a water source along the entire trail. After a few hours of continuous uphill, you will come out to a ridge which will take you to the top of Mt. Harvey, but it is still at least an hour, so you may consider this place for a break. This area was blazed by fire a long time ago as you may notice on the trees. Don't forget your camera as the view from the top is extraordinary.

Skiing Mt. Harvey

Avalanche serious.gif Avalanche Hazard
The route and terrain described here is capable of producing avalanches. Safe travel requires the skills and equipment to assess and mitigate avalanche hazards. A professionally taught training course is highly recommended.

Mt. Harvey is a relatively straightforward ski from Lion's Bay. Because of the low start, it's likely that you will have to walk some distance of the harvey creek logging road. The easiest route up Mt. Harvey on skis is to stay on the Harvey Creek road as long as possible. Skip the Mt. Harvey hiking trail and continue on the road past the trail up to the West Lion. Eventually this road ends up at the bottom of a big clearcut on the south side of Mt. Harvey. Ski up thrugh an old burn to join the ridge (and the regular hiking trail) just west of the summit.