Mountain Lake Hut

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Mountain Lake Hut
Overnight Capacity 10
Elevation 1630m
Fee $10 / night (PAY ONLINE HERE)
Reservations Yes
Locked No
Caretaker British Columbia Mountaineering Club

The Mountain Lake Hut is located on the divide between Furry and Britania Creeks, just south of Squamish. It was built and is currently maintained by the British Columbia Mountaineering Club.


The Hut sleeps 10 people. 6 upstairs in the loft and 4 on the main floor

Hiking and Scrambling

There is lots of good hiking and scrambling around the hut including Mt. Sheer, Ben Lomond and various other peak. Sky Pilot is a bit farther away on the other side of Britania Creek but is still reachable in a day from Mountain Lake.


The best access is currently from Furry Creek FSR, which is gated at the bottom. Ask the BCMC about getting the key.

Historic access is from Britannia Creek, where there used to be a small town that supported the now abandoned copper mine, and a trail leading up the valley past Utopia Lake to the hut. Britania Creek was ravaged by a flood when the Park Lane Lake dam was dynamited in the early 1990s[1], causing a huge debris torrent. Now much of the valley bottom is very thick bush.

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