Brew Hut Trail Upgrade

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Access has been one of the Brew Hut's biggest challenges. A trail goes up to Brew Lake from the railroad track near Brandywine Falls, but BC Rail (now CN rail) has been cracking down on tresspassing lately, and the trail has now been disturbed by logging. The so called 'winter route' from Brandywine FSR is steep, prone to avalanches, and has the annoying snowmobile factor. Access to the Brew area is important to ensure that the new Brew Hut is well used, and well taken care of.

Potential for a new trail in to the area exists coming in from Roe Creek. The terrain is generally quite mellow, and a trail built here could be used in both summer and winter. Furthermore, the first 2km of this route is up Chance Creek FSR, which is now being plowed in the winter for snowcat skiing near Tricouni Peak, shortening the approach by a little bit.

The FMCBC, the Ministry of Transportation and CN rail are all very keen on creating an alternate start to the existing Brew Lake Trail that avoids tresspassing on the rail line.


This page has been split into 2 parts for the 2 different access routes to the brew hut