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Originally this guide was intended as a VOC in-house publication to aid trip leaders and our more restless members. As such, this guide makes little compromise to novices, nor is it intended to be comprehensive. The Elaho/Ashlu, Meager Creek, Duffy lake as well as more Northern areas including the Dickson range were omitted due to access issues when this publication was written (early 1980's)

All the areas were visited by the original authors before 1983 at least once. It is hoped that future compilers will be more adventourous and pick trip descriptions from other sources. References, suggestions and contributions will be gratefully received.

The access sections are probably going to be out of date, thus will require revision, but the wiki is a perfect form to do this. There is a ton of work to do, so if anyone finds pages that are empty or not complete, it will eventually get done. If you would like to volunteer; scanning maps, retyping text and making 11"x14" 1:50000 topographic maps of each area (now that the digital maps are freely available) all need to be done.