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DRAFT - This is not an official document, only a draft!

The Varsity Outdoor Club (VOC) collects information on its members and visitors to its website [when do we collect information on visitors to our website?]. This page provides an overview over which data is collected and how it is used.


Members provide a variety of personal information on the signup sheet. Information provided on the signup sheet and the profile is accessible by all VOC members. This includes your full name, email address, home address, phone number, allergies (optional) and emergency contacts. (optional) This information is collected and distributed to members. It is meant to be primarily used for seamless organization of trips. For instance, the address is used to assign you to a car that is close to your home and the phone number is useful when you have trouble getting to a meetup point.

Members can use approximate addresses (e.g. Columbia St at Broadway St instead of 130 W Broadway). Allergies and emergency contact info is strictly optional. If you decide not to publish this information in your profile, please remember to give it out on a case to case basis – for instance, tell the trip organizer about any allergies that might affect you on the trip.

Information Usage

Use of the information is for trip-planning purposes only. Soliciting individuals for commercial or personal reasons will be construed as harassment and your membership may be revoked.

Trip Agenda

All trip descriptions are public. The signup sheet as well as the message board thread are only accessible by members. The trip organizer's name is public by default, though this may be changed in his preferences.

Message Board

All posts on the message board are accessible by VOC members only.

Trip Reports

Posts to the "Trip Reports" section of the website, as well as comments in this section, are published under the full name of the respective author. They are publicly accessible. It is therefore important to seek consent from any involved parties when publishing information about the trip. For instance, don't post embarrassing details on identifiable member's crossword puzzles activities on trips.


The gallery is publicly accessible. Please seek consent before publishing photos of people.

Website visitors

IP addresses and user agent strings may be logged and accessed by server administrators in case of abuse, though this is not normally the case.


When registering for the wiki, all the information provided on the signup sheet is saved. All subsequent edits and actions on the wiki are publicly accessible. The wiki account is different from the club member account and is not linked to it.