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Welcome to the VOC's Brew Hut

Brew Hut III, the third incarnation built by the University of British Columbia's Varsity Outdoors Club, was erected in the spring and summer of 2005, following Brew I (1982-1983) and Brew II (1984-2005).

Hut Etiquette:


  • Fill stoves and lanterns outside. Note that all the appliances here burn White Gas (aka Coleman Fuel or Naphtha). There are, in fact, no appliances here which run on kerosene.
  • There is an outhouse located roughly 30m North East of the hut, please use it. If it is buried in snow, dig it out and use it. The outhouse has a hand-crafted stained glass window.
  • There are two nearby tarns for drinking water, located about 100m SW and 100m E of the Hut. Please do everything you can to keep these tarns clean. Do not clean dishes, throw out food, or go to the washroom in the areas that drain into these tarns – even in winter.
  • In the winter, the snow near the hut is for drinking water, so don't put bad things there. Go in the direction of the outhouse, and go at least 20m before washing dishes etc.
  • Please open the door when cooking, to let out the steam. The hut was constructed with vapour barrier, and there is no place for steam to escape to.
  • Pack out what you pack in. Do not leave things (even food) in the hut, especially your garbage. The only exception is white gas, which can be left in the lanterns, stove or the 1 gallon tins.
  • Remove boots before going upstairs.
  • Close and latch all windows and doors when you leave. Don't forget about the outhouse and woodshed.
  • Add an entry to the hut log book (on the shelf) to let us know how your trip went.

Wood Stove and Heating:

  • The wood stove can be adjusted to consume fuel rapidly and send the heat out the chimney (knob out), or slowly and put out maximum heat to the hut (knob in). The knob should only be out when lighting the stove.
  • Do not cut or split wood inside the hut or on the porch. Do this outside, and use a second piece of wood if you need a base. There is a hatchet and saw provided for this purpose.
  • Firewood is from the old hut (East down the hill), deposited in the woodshed to the West and also piled beside the Hut. Wood found under the hut is not to be used for firewood.
  • Please leave a small amount of wood inside the hut, dry and ready for the next user. Not a lot, but a little.
  • Please be conservative with firewood, once the scraps are gone firewood will have to be flown in at great cost. The hut is very well insulated, and will warm quickly with just the lanterns in spring and fall. If the firewood disappears too fast and nobody is paying their $5, the VOC will be forced to lock the stove for paying parties.
  • Please restock the woodshed from the scrap wood piled beside (not under) the hut – but please remove any nails first. Do NOT cut down living trees – they take a long time to grow up here and do not even burn well anyway.
  • Ashes go in the metal can provided.
  • If you want to keep the upstairs cooler than downstairs (when the wood stove is burning), close all the downstairs windows. This will draw cool air in through the hole in the roof around the stovepipe. Open the upstairs window if you need more cool air.

To our non-VOC Guests:

All VOC huts are left unlocked because we in the VOC believe backcountry huts should be available to all. However, although the love and volunteer labour we put into our huts is free, building supplies are not. As such we ask, on the honour system, that all non-VOC members pay $5 per person per night to help build and maintain our huts.

This $5 per person per night can be left in the blue deposit box in the stairwell, or sent to:

UBC Varsity Outdoors Club

Box 98, Student Union Building

6138 Student Union Mall

Vancouver, B.C. V6T 2B9

You may, of course, also use the above address if you notice pressing maintenance requirements or wish to send letters of praise. Further information about joining the VOC can be found on our website: www.ubc-voc.com

There is no reservation or priority system, and there is always room for one more.