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from Rueben:

  • The outhouse information should be on a separate sign, since it will be outdated soonish.
  • Does the 5$ fee apply to voc members?
  • Should the "you can drink the water straight out of these without getting sick" part be removed? The risk is low, but non-zero.

  • I don't think the $5 fee applies to VOC members (since they pay $30 per year), but we don't need to tell them that on the sign.
  • I wrote "ATP you could drink water . . ." to deliberately not imply that the water is still clean, only to imply that we drank it at one time and didn't get sick.
  • As for the outhouse, I was thinking we would need to redo the sign anyway when the outhouse goes up (i.e. with some information on where to find it in case it is obscured by snow.)

Scott Nelson 10:34, 4 Aug 2005 (MST)