Sphinx hut door

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The sphinx hut door should be replaced with a framed insulated steel door, properly weather-stripped. The new door will open inwards, because with the present door, it is possible to get trapped in the Hut by snow accumulating overnight, outside the door.

The old door has the dimensions:

27 1/2" ~ 27 3/4" (depending where you measure...) wide x 79" (varies within 1/16") tall

It should be noted that while there is no extra room on the top or bottom (as it buts against a structural member and the floor, respectively), there is an extra (non-structural) 1.5" thick member on either side of the door.

Roland's comment: If we buy a standard residential door from Home Depot, and if we cut it abot 3 inches shorter using the Skil saw, carbide blade, and cut the frame shorter to fit, and cut the framing hole wider, and move the windows sideways, it will all fit, for about $150. If we need to get a door specially built to size, it will cost us much more (maybe $200 more).

We also need to think about the floor we are adding; we need to ensure that, if the new floor extends under the new door frame, the frame still fits. Or if the new floor doesn't extend under the new door frame, the door clears the new floor. But we will keep this in mind when cutting the door.