Summer Peak Bagging Challenge

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The idea for the competition is to encourage people to get out into the mountains as much as they possible can, along with an added competitive and fun aspect. The points system is based on the technicality of the ascent, as well as a number of challenging, fun, and ridiculous score multipliers and bonus points. Contact us if you have any bonus point suggestions! They will be considered.

For optimum point hoarding and up-to-date info, bookmark this page. Check it often.


  • Must be a named moutain/peak
  • Peak must be over 1,400m. Except for the Chief, which is special (See'The Chief' below)
  • Minimum 500m elevation gain from trailhead
  • Peak must have >100m vertical prominence from other peaks submitted
  • Pics or didn’t happen - Photo proof required at peak (*For 5th class ascents where the peak could be hiked to, photo is required on the climb)
  • Bagging Season runs from May 1st to August 31st (Only peaks bagged in this period will count.)
  • A peak can only be bagged once (for competition purposes, that is) (You will not receive any additional points for repeat ascents.)
  • Multipliers and bonus points will be applied after submission, based on difficulty, style, and shenanigans (See ‘Multipliers and Bonus Points’ section.)
  • Open to registered/current VOC members

New rules for 2018

  • Peaks must be submitted within 2 weeks of summiting, to prevent the competition from being Berman'd
  • The 3 peaks of the Chief each count. See 'The Chief' section below.
  • The Hitlist. See Section below.


  • 1 Peak Bagged = 10 Points
  • (10 points + Peak Bonus) x Multiplier = PeakScore
  • Multipliers are cumulative. (eg. (10 x 1.2) x 1.3 = 15.6 points)
  • Peak Bonuses are applied for each peak. Subject to multipliers.
  • Daily Bonuses are valid once daily, only if at least 1 peak is bagged that day. Not subject to multipliers.
  • Seasonal Bonuses are applied once per season, and are cumulative. Not subject to multipliers.

The Scoreboard (Multipliers & Bonus Points)

The scoring can get complicated... Contact [email protected] to settle discrepancies. This section will be updated through the season, so keep an eye out for new bonuses!

1 peak = 10 points


Multipliers are cumulative.

Multiplier Multiplier Comments
On a multi-day trip x1.1
On a VOC trip x1.2 'Official' VOC trips only (trip agenda)
10 people on a peak at once x1.2
Class 4 scrambling x1.1
5th class climbing x1.1 (+0.1 for each grade over 5.6) 5.7 = x1.2, 5.8 = x1.3 …etc.
 See Grading Chart

Peak Bonus

Peak bonuses are applied to each peak. Subject to multipliers.

Peak Bonus Bonus Points Comments
'Captain Morgan' summit pose +0.5 points
Wearing pool floaties in summit shot +1 point
Naked summit shot +2 points Hiking boots permitted
VOC trip leader +2 points Applied to any peaks you bag on a VOC trip that you organized (2 weeks trip agenda notice req.)
15 pitches or more +2 points
Obscurity bonus +1 to 5 points Assigned at our discretion to out of the ordinary summits

Daily Bonus

Daily bonuses are valid once daily, only if at least one peak is bagged that day. Not subject to multipliers

Daily Bonus Bonus Points Comments
Write a trip report within a week +0.5 points ...and post to
Exceptional approach +1 points Awarded at our discretion for interesting approaches, eg. skiing to a climb, or climbing to a ski line
>15km day +2 points Bikes exempt
>30km day +3 points
>45km day +5 points
>2000m elevation gain +2 points
>4000m elevation gain +4 points What are you
3 peaks in a day +1 points
5 peaks in a day +2 points
7 peaks in a day +3 points
Sea-to-Summit +4 points Start at sea level, summit a peak. Bikes allowed.

Seasonal Bonus

Valid once per season. Not subject to multipliers.

Seasonal Bonus Bonus Points Comments
10 peaks +5 points
20 peaks +10 points
30 peaks +15 points
40 peaks +20 points
50 peaks +25 points So you climb mountains, eh?
Summit a peak in the Cascades +1 points
Summit a peak in the Rockies +2 points
Summit a peak in Alaska +2 points
Summit a peak in the High Sierras +2 points
Summit a peak outside of North America +2 points
CLIMB THE VULCAN'S THUMB +20 points But don't die

The Chief

The Chief is an exception to the 1,400m rule, due to the fact that it has some rather nice rock climbing on it.

  • Each peak of The Chief counts, but only once each. If you have already submitted a climb to eg. the 2nd peak, you can later resubmit a harder route that you have completed, and it will replace the previous. SO ONLY ONE ROUTE COUNTS FOR EACH PEAK.
  • It is to your benefit to climb the hardest route you can for maximum points.
  • Try to get a photo of you on, or preparing for, the crux pitch. So I know you did it.
  • Don't submit a hard route that you completely dogged/french freed. You could, and I would have no way of knowing, but just know that it makes you a bad person.
  • Hikes up the Chief do not count. Sorry hikers.

The Hitlist

This is a selection of peaks that I challenge you to get up this season. The first person/group to summit and submit their entry is awarded the bonus points. After that, no one else can claim those additional points, but regular scoring still applies. Subject to multipliers.

These are hosted on another page so as not to clutter up this page more than it already is. Go Here:2018 Hitlist


I will try to sort through the submissions as fast as I can to allocate points! You can check the leaderboard and see how you’re doing against others


To be announced! Last year's grand prize was an Arc'teryx Alpha FL Jacket.

Following the Competition

Check out the message board, or the Facebook group ‘2017 Summer Peak Bagging Challenge’ for updates, new multipliers and bonus points, and other updates! Also feel free to email [email protected] if you have any questions!

Get out there and bag some peaks!!

Past Winners

Year Winner Points Number of Peaks
2017 Ethan Berman 440.3 24
2018 - - -