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I moved one of the pictures to the top of the page... I think this makes it look better? I did it fairly quickly... so if anyone thinks they have a better layout, feel free to play around with it. I also removed the picture I relocated from the "pictures" section to avoid repetition. Swebster 00:10, 4 Apr 2006 (MST)

Usage Notices

I made a new section for people to put their "reservations" into. Does this need to be at the top? It would be nicer at the bottom, but then less people would notice it. Swebster 11:59, 4 Apr 2006 (MST)

I agree, the bottom is the place for it to be. Chris Michalak 09:03, 5 Apr 2006 (MST)

Maybe we should call it user "registration" instead of using the word "reservation". I think that would give people the right idea that registering on hte wiki does not imply an exclusive right to use the hut. I also think it should go at the bottom of the page, but with a mention in the first section and link that goes down the page to it. Scott Nelson 11:53, 5 Apr 2006 (MST)

Ok, rearranged. Feel free to modify as you see fit. Scott Webster 13:26, 5 Apr 2006 (MST)

I removed the Dods's old "registration" since it was confusing with the new one and out of date. Do we want to somehow preserve this information? Presumably not (it is of course still stored in the history). Scott Webster 00:17, 19 October 2006 (MDT)

Brandywine Access

Are there any restrictions to be aware of should a couple of non-VOC-members (ie: local Whistlerites) should take it upon themselves to take a small chainsaw to the well overgrown trail from the Brandywine main to the Gully o'Death? We think this would be a great summer access trail if only it was somewhat better maintained (It took us 2.5 hours to travel 4km, often crawling on hands and knees under alder growth). I don't mind this kind of travel, but I think my girlfriend would seriously reconsider the nature of our relationship if I tried to take her on this route in it's current state...Please post any feedback here.

We used to use that access route from Brandywine, but the alders are now growing back too fast to make the maintenance effort worthwhile. The road was cleared (to the point of easy walking) in the fall of 2004, but by the following spring (2005) it was already turning into a pretty heinous bushwack. Basically the VOC has decided to abandon this route in favour of the other two access routes to the area (Roe Creek for winter and the hiking trail up from the railway tracks for summer). I don't think anyone would object if you took a chainsaw to the alders on the old road, but they would probably grow back pretty fast, and there still isn't a proper trail from the end of the road up to the hut. If you're looking for alternate summer access to the hut, you can bushwack the Roe Creek "winter" route in the summer, which is generally much easier going than the route from Brandywine FSR. The markers can be a bit hard to follow though as many of them are 5 or 6m up in the air.

Scott Nelson 11:18, 21 Aug 2006 (MST)


If someone knows the elevation of the hut, they could post it on the page. Scott Webster 19:33, 5 Sep 2006 (MST)

I found it on Bivouac. Probably posted there by Scott. I'll put it up on the page. Chris Michalak 11:17, 9 Sep 2006 (MST)