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At least once in the recent past there was a spring rock school (The original "Son of Rock" event I think) that was a very different format from what is proposed here (which is basically a Longhike rehash). Not that I think there's anything wrong with Longhike, but sometimes variety is nice. I very much enjoyed that day in the bluffs - I was an instructor in the morning and a student in the afternoon. The format was to setup a bunch of stations around the smoke bluffs, each with a different skill focus and students would be free to go whichever station they wanted to. The stations ranged from basic (belaying, belaying a leader, knots for climbing) to intermediate (top rope anchors, placing different kinds of gear) to advanced (hip belay for technical climbing, escaping the belay for rescue, body rappel). Scott Nelson 14:42, 5 March 2007 (PST)


Did Cory mean to sign up to drive, but accidentally put his name in a car? Scott Webster

    • I dont know but I believe that Jasmine did so I modified the page to reflect this. Hopefully she looks at it and sees the changes so as to ensure that there are no mixups.