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Discussion about how to describe the route

I wonder if we should make the wiki page more vague since there are a variety of routes that all seem to work.

(Scott Nelson)

It looks to me like you [Ignacio] were pretty close to the "usual" route.

I probably wouldn't make the wiki directions more vague... I bet they are already too vague for some people's comfort level. But this quickly becomes one of those "should we put up trail markers? should we publish guidebooks?" sorts of debates. Probably having explicit instructions is good, and if people are obsessive they can print them out and obsess... and if not they can read them and then forget them and figure it out themselves?

(Scott Webster)

I think explicit instructions are fine, as long as they are accurate. Then people who are not good at finding their own way can follow it word for word if they feel it to be necessary. People who like to find their own way can always just ignore whatever detail level they feel comfortable with, and are well aware of this possibility.

(Christian Veenstra)

There's a lot of micro terrain with tricky navigation on Telemagique, which makes following detailed directions difficult. The good thing is that the terrain is forgiving and whichever route you choose will likely work out just fine. I doubt that vague directions would be less effective than detailed directions. If anything, detailed directions may give people the wrong idea that the directions are easy to follow.

(Scott Nelson)

Probably the ideal direction explain the situation about microterrain and how it likely doesn't matter exactly where you go, and then have some "best guess" explanation of what to do. I'm pretty sure I have successfully followed the directions "exactly" before. But who knows for sure. In the future I would probably just wander my way up there, but I wanted to know "how good" the "good" route was.

Of course, realistically whoever bothers to edit the wiki will "win" this debate :)

(Scott Webster)