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The main access route up Beverley Creek starts from the Biathlon Range. This route may be closed during Biathlon competitions, as it crosses the Biathlon race course. Use an alternate route if there is a competition in progress.

  • Park in the Biathlon Parking lot.
  • Head NW from the Biathlon building along the Olympic Biathlon ski trail, going underneath an overpass. Beyond the overpass is a dip in the trail.
  • Pick up the start of the Beverley Creek trail on the downhill side at the bottom of the dip. The trail heads downhill at first then turns north along the Madeley Creek Loop XC trail to a bridge over Beverley Creek.
  • Cross the bridge over Beverley Creek and pick up the trail markers 50m west of the bridge. Beverley Creek itself turns into a narrow canyon and is difficult to travel.
  • The marked route goes along the ridge between Beverley Creek and Madeley Creek to a small lake.
  • On the far side of the lake the route intersects the Rainbow Madeley Trail. The main route up Beverley Creek continues north and traverses back to Beverley Creek. The route to Puma Peak leaves the main trail here heading west.