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This template documentation is transcluded from Template:Col-begin/doc [edit]


Here's a quick look on the use of Columns in wiki:


You always start with {{Col-begin}} followed by {{Col-break}}(as seen below) then you can start you first column. When you want to start a new column, just type {{Col-break}} at the end of your column and anything typed after will be in your new column. You can repeat the procedure for as many columns as you desire. At the end of your last column, just type {{Col-end}} to stop the wiki from continuing typing in the column.

Voila! Quite simple.

Column 1 here
Column 2 here
Column 3 here


Column 1 here

Column 2 here

Column 3 here


You can also create columns using HTML code. You use the table code, so if you are familair with HTML, this may be easier. If you don't know HTML, just learn to use the wiki ones, and then everyone will be using the same ones. HTML has the advantage of being a lot more flexible and letting you do lots of cool things.

<table width="100%">
<td>Column 1</td>
<td>Column 2</td>
<td>Column 3</td>


Column 1 Column 2 Column 3