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{{{Name}}} Region
Quick Info

This template should be used on mountain pages (see for example Black Tusk). It will also put the page into Category:Mountains. Copy&Paste and edit the following code:

Example Sample:

| Name=Black Tusk
| BivouacMtnID=31
| Photo=Black Tusk.JPG
| Caption=The east aspect of the Black Tusk in Summer.
| Region=Sea to Sky
| Elevation(m)=2319
| Coordinates (WGS 84)={{coord|10U|496932|5535870|WGS84|hidedatum}} 
| Coordinates (NAD 27)={{coord|10U|497026|5535669|NAD27|hidedatum}} 
| NTS Topographic map={{NTS link|092|G|14}}
| QuickInfo=A dramatic, extinct volcano located north of the northwest end of Garibaldi Lake. Generally a "black" tusk, but occasionally a "white" tusk in winter, this peak catches one's eye from many different angles. The peak is a remnant of a much larger volcano that has mostly eroded away. 

Empty Sample:

| Name=
| BivouacMtnID=
| Photo=
| Caption=
| Region=
| Elevation(m)=
| Coordinates (WGS 84)={{coord|10U||WGS84|hidedatum}} 
| Coordinates (NAD 27)={{coord|10U||NAD27|hidedatum}} 
| NTS Topographic map={{NTS link|092|G|}}
| QuickInfo=