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RE:Recent edits

I think the purpose of the restriction is not for people who forget, it is more to protect against the hut filling up with registrations for large groups far in advance. The restrictions provide VOCers fair opportunities to plan to visit the hut which they look after and I think it is okay to share that sentiment with the public because ultimately the people who register here generally are very supportive of the VOC and our volunteer efforts to look after the hut. I have already had to delete at least one registration for 2021 February. I am also not sure I agree with the semantics of "CAN Register" and "Registration unavailable". People have to register for many things in their lives and the idea that there are dates when registrations "open" and "close" are fairly normal. The third column says "Registration will open on" and I think it is a bit weird to say "CAN Register" rather than stick with the more common understanding that the registration period is open or closed. If we want to be extra clear, "OPEN. Accepting Registrations" is almost overkill but I guess it is a middle ground. Also "Registrations unavailable" is misleading because Registrations are available, we just aren't accepting them yet. "CLOSED. Not Accepting Registrations until: <date>" or "CLOSED. Will open on:" or "CLOSED. Will accept registrations starting on:" are all good options for being stupidly clear, but they are all kind of long and would need the pixel width of the column to be bigger, which kinda messes with the tables aesthetics. So, I tried "CLOSED. Please wait until: <date>", that implies that we will start accepting registrations by the date specified. I am surprised the exec has not reduced it to 4 weeks from 6 weeks because of COVID--GeorgeHill (talk) 21:08, 4 November 2020 (PST)