Tenquille Lake Cabin

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Tenquille Lake Cabin
Tenquille hut.jpg
Tenquille Lake Cabin upon completion, September 2011
Overnight Capacity 15-20
Elevation 1656m
Fee By Donation
Reservations No
Locked No
Built 2011
Caretaker Pemberton Wildlife Association
PO Box 343
Pemberton, BC
V0N 2L0
  • Type: Community Facility License of Occupation
  • Status: Active


First constructed in the 1940s, the cabin was rebuilt by members of the Pemberton Wildlife Association in the summer of 2011.


The Pemberton Wildlife Association (PWA) is responsible for the maintenance and management of trails and recreation sites within the Tenquille - Owl Lakes Recreation Area through an agreement with the Provincial Government. The PWA's mandate is to maintain the area for the purpose of recreational and conservation activities and provide safe, navigable trails into a wilderness environment for all non-motorized users. In winter, snowmobilers may use the Tenquille cabin as the local snowmobile club contributed funds to the construction. Club volunteers work hard to open up trails in the Spring, clearing brush fallen/overhanging logs and conducting repairs throughout the season till early winter. Funding for materials and cabin supplies is provided by the PWA. Donations gratefully accepted. The provincial government also helps with supplies and work on projects beyond PWA resources such as FSR and branch road upkeep. You can send your donations to the PWA at PO Box 343, Pemberton, BC V0N 2L0. Commercial use is not permitted.

To coordinate use for a better likely hood of arriving and not having to tent, our Hut Registration Board can be used. Keep in mind that most likely don't use our registration board.

First come first serve, however, the Non-VOC Hut Registration page is available to help coordinate use.
For the most up to date information on the Hut see the Bulletins on the Hut Registration Page. View the bulletin archive here.


The cabin is situated at the western edge of the lake, at the foot of Copper Mound. There are three routes that lead to Tenquille Lake, two from Pemberton Meadows and one from Birkenhead. See route descriptions from ClubTread. Note that this is a bear-active area. Follow the proper bear aware procedures when hiking in this area.

Download waypoints for all three approach trails here: media:TenquilleLake.gpx. Note that recent hikers (Mar 2015) attempted to find the trail starting from the end of Branch 12 off the Hurley FSR following these waypoints and had to turn back approximately 2km from the cabin due to unpassable terrain.


The information on this page is just a snapshot. See the Hut Inventory Page for complete information on tools and materials at the Hut. Some kitchen stuff is available (pots and pans, plates and mugs, cutlery). All kitchenware must stay inside the hut - not to be used outside.

Heating Wood Stove. Use of the stove should be minimized, as firewood supplies in the area are limited. The stove is not to be used for cooking.
Lighting Solar Lighting (Can be supplemented by 10 AA or 10 D batteries)
Cooking Propane Coleman Stoves
Fire Safety Fire Extinguisher
First Aid
Sleeping Open Floor Loft no pads
Capacity 15-20
Drinking water
Human Waste

  • Please keep the cabin clean and tidy.
  • Leave your muddy boots and dog outside.
  • No boots upstairs! Help us preserve the ladder and keep the sleeping area clean.
  • Please sign the journal - but do not deface the cabin by writing or carving on the walls, tables, etc.
  • Welcome and make room for everyone who visits the cabin. Work together to have an enjoyable stay. At night, respect others who wish to sleep!
  • Please do not chop or cut wood in the cabin or on the front porch. Axes, saws etc. must be used on the ground level outside.
  • Use the LED lighting system sparingly, unless YOU brought lots of batteries. Best used for getting organized until you light the propane lanterns. System uses either 10 - AA or 10 - D size batteries. Be sure to turn off main floor and loft switches (or remove one battery) when finally leaving the cabin.
  • Close all windows and door, when finally leaving cabin.


  • Propane Coleman Stoves are provided for cooking. Bring 1lb. 'green' tank.
  • Do not place stoves on birch counter top - use them on the tables.
  • Do not take any dishes, pots, cutlery outside. The kitchen supplies belong in the cabin and are to stay inside.
  • If you prefer to cook outside over an open fire you must provide your own cookware.
  • Clean up before you leave. Pack out all of your garbage and empty propane tanks.
  • The sink drains into a bucket outside (during summer use). Winter users will have to put the bucket under the sink. Please do not let the bucket overflow. Dump it well away from the creek.
  • Do not leave food in the cabin. It will only attract rodents (or bears!) - if you packed it in you can pack it out!


  • The wood stove is not intended for cooking
  • Please minimize use of the stove to save firewood. Use only when necessary - (wet or cold conditions). Cabin will become very warm with the stove on…..
  • Firewood is not provided. Although there is a splitting maul onsite, it is recommended you bring your own axe or saw. To ensure the stove performs well, please burn only clean, dry wood. Do not burn building materials which are stacked near/under cabin.
  • Do not cut standing trees. Some trees around the cabin have been damaged by indiscriminate use of axes & saws. There is plenty of deadfall near the cabin or in nearby passes.
  • A fire extinguisher has been provided for emergencies. Be sure the fire has burned out before leaving the cabin (do not use water to put the fire out).
  • Be sure that the firewood is cut to short length, so that the glass on the stove door doesn't break when you close it carefully!



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