Three Brothers Mountain

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Three Brothers Mountain Region Manning
Three Brothers Mountain.jpg
Northwest aspect of the first brother
Elevation 2272 m (7454 ft)
Quick Info Three Brothers Mountain is a high gentle summit on the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountains in Manning Park.


Heather Trail

This hike has the unique feature that you can drive to 2000m up a smoothly graded road to Blackwall Peak to start the hike. The hike is mainly through subalpine meadows, with only a few forested sections. There is also a popular multi day traverse from the Blackwall Peak parking area, across three brothers mountain to Nicomen Lake, and then exiting via Grainger Creek and the Skaist River trail. The trails are well manicured, which makes for fast hiking. There are 3 wilderness campgrounds along the trail to choose from. All 3 have running water and outhouses.

Fat Dog Trail

In the winter, this is a popular and beginner friendly backcountry skiing destination. The terrain is very gentle, and a ungroomed XC ski trail runs right up to alpine. Start at the Cambie Creek pullout from highway 3, just east of Allison Pass. Take the first right on the trail, cross the Similkameen River on a bridge and then take the next two rights to access the trail up Fat Dog creek. After a couple km the trail crosses to the north side of the creek then climbs to the base of a burnt knoll. The trail ends at the knoll, but it's easy skiing along the crest of the alpine ridge towards Three Brothers Mountain. There are some gentle ski runs on the south side of the ridge, and some more difficult runs on the north side.

It is possible to traverse from Cambie Creek to Blackwall Peak via the Fat Dog and Heather Trails. This involves skiing down road from Blackwall Peak to the Manning Park Lodge since this road is not plowed in winter.

Distance & Elevation Gain

  • Blackwall Peak to Three Brothers main summit and back: 21km and 750m cumulative elevation gain (a few ups and downs along the way). About 5 hours travel time.
  • Traverse from Blackwall Peak to Skaist River: ~ 40.5km and 500m cumulative elevation gain. Add a bit more to climb to the peak of three brothers mountain en route. Campsites are located at 5km (Buckhorn), 13.5km (Kicking Horse) and 23km (Nicomen Lake)
  • Cambie Creek Parking lot to base of burnt knoll 6.4km and 400m elevation gain one way
  • Cambie Creek Parking lot to summit of Three Brothers Mountain 11km and 900m elevation gain one way

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