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The VOC Trad Rack (or Starter Rack) is for teaching new trad climbers and letting new trad climbers practice their skills without having to purchase an entire rack at once. It is not a supplemental rack to be taken out in parts or used in heavy wear/tear situations in place of your own gear.

Borrowing the Trad Rack

Unlike the rest of the gear library the trad rack is for use by Trad Climbing instructors teaching on a VOC trip (i.e. Rock 4). Following being a Rock-4 level student, you'll have access to the Trad Rack for a period of ~6 months. The Trad-Rack QM manages this list, please consult her/him to be added to the list.

Remember, using the Trad Rack is a privilege, please respect the rules to retain usage.

- Trad Rack QM: Will R-S [2018/2019]

- Trad Rack QM: Nick U-C [2017/2018]

- Trad Rack QM: Artem B [2016/2017]

Gear Deposit: $200

Rack Rules

  • Perform a full inspection of the rack prior to use. Let the Trad QM know if you find anything.
  • Keep it on "easy" climbs. The point is to learn trad placements ( <5.9 )
  • Keep the rack sustainable. If you break/fix/significantly wear any gear let the Trad QM know. You may be asked to purchase a replacement (like you would if you borrowed a rack from a friend).
  • Inform the Trad QM if you fall on the gear
  • Consider partnering up with other Rock 4 students to share the rack
  • Consider doing extra work-hikes or running trips as a 'thanks' for using the starter rack.

Gear on the Starter Rack

VOC Starter Rack
Gear Date Acquired
0.3 X4 Camalot 01/10/16
0.4 X4 Camalot 01/10/16
0.5 C4 Camalot 01/10/16
0.75 C4 Camalot 01/10/16
1 C4 Camalot 01/10/16
2 C4 Camalot 01/10/16
3 C4 Camalot 01/10/16
2x Set Grandwall Nuts 01/10/16
Racking Sling (yellow) 01/10/16

Note: The VOC also has a #4, #5 and #6 C4 Camalots which may be borrowed for your wider days.