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The Treasurer :

  • Must have been on the VOC Exec of a previous year.
  • Ensures that the Club is following the current Budget.
  • Prepares a new Budget at the end of the year.
  • Provides guidelines for Club spending. i.e. How much gear can we buy this year?
  • Arranges VOC payments as required, within the AMS guidelines.
  • Ensures the cash box in the Clubroom does not contain much cash, and tracks cash flow.
  • A good position for someone who is responsible, and organized.

Right after you are elected you will want to...

1. Track down the old treasurer. They will most likely be preparing the upcoming year's budget and exec list which you will have to submit. (Get the username and password.)

2. Get a Treasurer's Handbook from the friendly folks at the AMS. (Fill in authorization forms and 'test')

3. Do a treasurer's orientation with the VP Finance office of the AMS. This is how you get yourself signed in so you can sign off on things.

4. Get the code for the lockbox on the clubroom door from someone on the exec. Also get the combo for the closet in the clubroom, user name/psswd for the clubroom computer, and the highlights tour of your drawer/binder in the filing cabinet.

Current Exec Report


Treasurer: Kathrin Lang
Exec Report- Treasurer 2011-2013


Treasurer: Emily Ackroyd
Exec Report- Treasurer 2010-2011

Past Exec Reports

Exec report - Treasurer 2008 - 2009
Exec report - Treasurer 2007 - 2008
Exec report - Treasurer 2006 - 2007