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Trip Leader Perks are given to VOC members for an outstanding contribution the club. It's a little something for the members who give back to our community and make the club what it is. It's probably not an incentive enough to lead trips or do anything for the club, but a small reward to show appreciation for those that do.

The Perks

  • Access to the VOC clubroom outside of gear-hours
  • A discount on the stuff we sell. (i.e. $5 off Zebra Lights)
  • VOC Promotive Deals for outdoor equipment
  • A rad VOC sticker
  • Warm and fuzzy feelings knowing you gave back to our community
  • You're more likely to know about the VOC discounts

Earning Trip Leader Perks

If you've contributed to the club think you fit the bill, email the Exec with a quick paragraph outlining what you've done to apply and they'll review it.

If you're unsure if you've 'given back to the club,' ask an Exec and they will point you in the right direction. The historical standard has been, "Lead two trips within the club, each with a corresponding trip report published." Although different combinations of contributions can be considered such as;

  • Organizing and leading VOC trips, especially Beginner Friendly Trips.
  • Volunteering for and organizing workhikes and improving the club.
  • Writing Trip Reports or having someone on a trip you lead write trip reports
  • Having a 'cool idea' to improve the club and following through on it (or recruiting others).
  • Running 'Dry Schools' or other info sessions teaching others some of the skills you may have.
  • Volunteering for the VOC Exec.
  • Demonstrating good judgment.