Trip Leadership Course

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Currently this is a workspace for us to figure out what this course will entail.


Who is it for


  • Of any technical skill level
  • Looking to lead + be good participants on small "democratic" style group trips

What will they learn

  • Basic principles (ie - don't leave a person behind)
  • Making good (ie - not regrettable) decisions
  • Group dynamics and style are more important than making the summit
  • When to have a group discussion
  • Convincing the group it was their idea
  • Common pitfalls

Specific Learning Goals

Ideas on how to accomplish this

Role playing

  • whiner
  • stoic who actually needs the help
  • crappy leader
  • "advanced" trip participant who just signed up because they wanted to re-live that beginner friendly trip of the past (or something), but didn't really think about it and actually just wants to ski (or climb, or whatever) and is frustrated by the time it takes to make good decisions with a large beginner group.
  • "experienced" trip participant who is really good/fast at the activity (ie skiing) but not good at managing the risks (ie avalanches).



  • AMS Guide to Outdoor Leadership by Alex Kosseff
  • Climbing: Expedition Planning by Clyde Soles and Phil Powers
  • Outdoor Leadership: Technique, Common Sense, & Self-Confidence by John Graham