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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 36
VOCJ36 thumb.jpg
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Mike Surface 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
President's Message 6 Noel Buckley
Editor's Message 7 Mike Surface
Social Scene 1993/94 8 Pat Hajek
Executives List 9
Grad News 10
Adventures of the Lillooet Seven 17 Chrystal Palaty Lillooet Ice Field
White Snow and the Seven Dwarves 36 Mike Sample Lillooet Ice Field
A Quick Spring Trip on the Neve 50 Mike Buda Garibaldi Neve
The Siwash Sanction 55 Drew Brayshaw Siwash Rock
Steep and Deep at Harrison Hut 59 Mike Buda Harrison Hut
A Reconnaissance of Veeocee Mountain 62 Denie Robichaud Veeocee Mtn.
Baker Bliss 71 Scott Martens Baker, Mt.
Dall Island Solo Paddle 74 Lillian Alessa Dall Island
Two Trips in the Meager Area 81 Drew Brayshaw Meager Area; Keyhole Falls
The Rantings of a Paragliding Pilot 84 Pat Hajek Paragliding
Paragliding 88 Eric Clemson Paragliding
Ashlu, Ashlu, Wherefore Art Thou? 95 Fern Heitkamp Ashlu Mtn.
Clayoquot Sound Trip 100 Conner & Johnson Clayoquot Sound
Face Mountain - the approach 102 Fern Heitkamp Face Mtn.
Glacier School - November 1993 111 Mike Buda Glacier School
Smith Rocks - The Epic 113 Smith Rocks
Rocktober 117 Drew Brayshaw Rock School
More Rantings on Smith 128 Pat Hajek Smith Rocks
Harrison Hut: a study in gluttony 133 Jan Palaty Harrison Hut
Our Extreme Trip to the Edge 137 Alex & Dan Curylo
The Manning Park Expedition 139 Anne-Marie Conway Manning Park
The VOC Fossils go to Harrison Hut... 140 Markus Kellerhaus Harrison Hut
Carrying Our Skiis up to Pellion Mountain 142 Fern Heitkamp Pelion Mtn.
Fun on Mt. Rainier, Part 1&2 145 Mike Buda Rainier, Mt.
The Rideout Transformation 150 Guy Edwards Rideout, Mt.
Scuba-skiing at Metaldome 154 Lillian Alessa Metaldome Area
Winter Longhike - February 1994 159 Mike Buda Winter Longhike; Manning Park
Ode to the Avalanche Poodle 162 B.H. Poem
Bad Belay 164 Lillian Alessa
Mountains 164
A Back Country User's Guide to Bear Fishing 165 Blair Hammond Bear Encounters
New Routes in the Bella Coola Valley 167 Mike Surface Bella Coola Valley
A Newcomer's View of the VOC 174 Caroline Benjamin
16 Tips For Cheap Bastards 177 Someone you know Living Cheap
The Birth of a Rock Freak 182 Dave Dexter
I love your stately evergreens... 184 Poem
The Hard Target 185 Drew Brayshaw Coquihalla Pass
Access Notes for the Meager Area 191 Drew Brayshaw Meager Area
Nature 195
Ode to the Hut of the Hills 196
Penticton By Guy 197 Guy Edwards Skaha
The Wallace Island Paddle/Sailing Expedition 199 Mike Surface Wallace Island
Brew Hut - The Saga Continues 206 Fern Heitkamp Brew Hut
Index to the Authors 219