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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 41
VOCJ41 thumb.jpg
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Shoshanna Reiter 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
President's Message 5 Andre Zimmermann
Vice President's Social Report 7 Jen Wild
Editor's Message 9 Shoshanna Reiter
VOC Executive '98-'99 10
Of Mice and Mountaina 15 Richard MacKenzie Slesse, Mt.
The West Lion 22 Drew Brayshaw West Lion
Trippin:The Red Rocks Experience 24 Arlin Kalenchuk Red Rocks
Pinkpointing the PinkThing 28 Mark Grist Grouse Mountain
How to Fail on a Climb and Still Come Out Ahead 31 Drew Brayshaw Slesse, Mt.
Climbing in Wyoming 33 Shoshanna Reiter Wyoming: Wind River Range
44 Classic Climbs for VOC Road Trips 39 Dan Perrakis Various
Good Times in the Bugaboos 49 Jeff Martin Bugaboos
Trash TV 55 Fern Webb Lighthouse Park
Five Trips to the Brew Hut 61 Roland Burton Brew Hut
Room for One More? No Thanks! 68 Roger Linington Cerise Creek
Rain, White-Out and Peaks in the Elaho Range 71 Mike deRoos Elaho Range
Planning a Trip to the Rockies 76 Roland Burton Rockies
A Wrottesly Wramble 78 Mark Grist Wrottesley, Mt.
Almost the Widowmakers' 83 Dave Campbell Widowmakers' Arete: the Camel
Millar's High Life 85 Alun Hubbard St. Elias
Squelch Peek (chill a wack' valley) 97 Drew Brayshaw The Welch
Thar-Nak-Yak Traverse 99 Dave Campbell Anderson River Group
The Joffre Group Kicked My Ass 103 Jeremy Frimer Joffre Mountain
Snowcap Lake and Mount Pitt in Late Summer 108 Robin McKillop Snowcap Lake
Redoubt Northeast Face 111 Drew Brayshaw Redoubt
The Redoubt Transformation 114 Jeremy Frimer Redoubt
Continued Rambles in the Northwest Rockies 117 Dave Campbell Rockies
September 120 Drew Brayshaw Various
Logan Dread Recipe 129 Jeremy Frimer Logan, Mt.
The Logan Dissolution 133 Fred Touche Logan, Mt.
The Story of the Brian Waddington Memorial Hut 169 Andre Zimmerman Brian Waddington Memorial Hut
Three Months of Sheep Jokes - My Trip to New Zealand (Life After Grad School) 179 Drew Brayshaw New Zealand
6 Reasons Why Climbers are Naturally Good Dancers 190 Marie d'Anglemont
Mountain Trivia 192 Jeremy Frimer
The Brocken Spectre At Long Last 198 Drew Brayshaw
Post Doctoral Research Under the Spell of the Mountains 199 David Persson Various
About Growing Old (gracefully) 227 Roland Burton
Easy Come, Hard to Go-Thanks 228 Tim Tutt
In The Forest 229
Mother of the Homathko 231 Vance Culbert Waddington, Mt.
Joe Mountaineer Spends a Night at Home 238 overheard by Mike Hengeveld
A Hedgehog in the Sauna 242 Derek Armstrong
The Place Called Nothing 245 Anonymous Redoubt
A Treatise on Power and Hardmen 246 Ekim Engeveldmay
The Many Sounds of Music 248 Becky Harding