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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 49
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Kaja Sadowski 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
President's Message 8 Sandra Nicol
Vice-President's Report 10 Richard So
Editor's Message 12 Kaja Sadowski
Archivist's Report 14 Duncan McPhedran
Alpine Rock & Ice
The Cassin Ridge 21 Stefan Albrechter Denali: Cassin Ridge
Ice Climbing 28 Alice Leppitt Ice Climbing: learning
FA of the N. Face of Lesser Wedge 31 Tyler Linn Garibaldi Park: Wedgemount Lake; Lesser Wedge
Anniversary Glacier 34 Matthew Parisien Garibaldi Park
Escape from Mt. Ossa 39 Christian Veenstra Tantalus Range; Ossa, Mount; Mountaineering Camp
What Really Happened 45 Krystil Koethler Rockies: Columbia, Bugaboos: Bugaboo Spire, Snowpatch Spire
The Quest for Ice in BC 51 Piotr Forysinski Ice Climbing; Squamish: Smoke Bluffs
Chris' Car, Cycling and The Camel 58 Richard So North Shore; The Camel; Self-propelled trips
Bugaboos Over July Long Weekend 61 Tyler Linn Bugaboos
How to trip hard in the St. Elias 65 Peter Hudson St. Elias: overview
Hiking & Scrambling
For Love of the Woods 79 Kasia Cellar
Dreaming with Eyes Wide Open 80 Boris Khramstov Yukon; Tombstone Range
Stein Valley (with a few extras) 91 Evan Morris Stein Valley
RABSA 95 Boris Khramstov
Alpine Lassitude 97 Steve Mullen Tantalus Range; Ossa, Mount
Escape from Knight Inlet 100 Christian Veenstra Waddington, Mount; Glacier Bay; kayaking, sea
Helpful Hints for "Beginner" Ski Trips 111 Afton Halloran & Charissa Pinnell
A BREWtal Adventure 112 Afton Halloran & Charissa Pinnell Brew Hut; Alcoholic Traverse
Little Ring Peak 118 Richard So Little Ring Peak
Ptex Fun 121 Scott Webster
The Avalanche Course 122 Marcus Rohrbach North Shore; Seymour, Mount
Beauty of a Mountain New Year's 126 Lisa Blachut Phelix Hut
How to Leave a Backcountry Hut in the Snow With a Ruptured Appendix 129 Ben Singleton-Polster
Intro to Backcountry 130 Matt Breakey Skiing, backcountry: learning
A Snowshoer Bites Back 133 Dan Eagen Snowshoeing
Southgate-Chilko Divide 135 Scott Nelson, Sandra Nicol & Tim Blair Taseko Lake; Tchaikazan Valley; Homathko Icefield; Skiing, backcountry
Crap Crags Exploratory Mission 151 Scott Webster Squamish; Stawamus Chief: Crap Crags
Escape from Crag Crags 154 Jeff Mottershead Squamish; Stawamus Chief: Crap Crags
Escapes from Pipeline 159 Jeff Mottershead Squamish; Stawamus Chief: Pipeline
How to Teach Trad 167 Jeff Mottershead Climbing, trad: teaching; Squamish; Yosemite
I, Rope 174 9.4 mm Beal Stinger
Stu's Adventures in Wales 183 Stuart Masterman Wales
Four Weeks in the Mountains 188 Maya Goldstein Nepal; Himalaya; Everest
In the Gulf Islands 193 Andrew Paré & Alice Lepitt Gulf Islands; kayaking, sea
Lao Lao 197 Gili Rosenberg Laos
Travelling in Peru and Bolivia 202 Mike Fuller South America; Peru; Bolivia
Africa Trek 204 Cory Sine Africa; South Africa; Namibia; Ethiopia
Club Life & Reflections
The VOC Digital Machine 215 Tim Blair
Lost on a Mountain of Words 219 Matt Breakey Survival
Surviving in the Backcountry 223 Will Whitty Survival
Stories from the Ancient Past 230 Roland Burton MEC, history; Helicopters; Burton Hut
Burton Hut Renovations 235 Rebecca Hunt Newbury
The VOCulator 237 Afton Halloran
Not All Epics Are Created Equal 240 Duncan McPhedran & Kaja Sadowski
Risk Management, VOC Style 244 Tim Blair Risk; Survival
VOC Photo Competition 2006/2007 252 Dan Eagen
Awards 256 Christian Champagne Awards
Journal Awards 257 Kaja Sadowski Awards
Photographer Index & Credits 258