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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 51
VOCJ51 thumb.jpg
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Karolina Hanula 
Journal Editor
Article Page Author(s) Index
President's Message 1 C. Veenstra
Editor's Message 3 Karolina Hanula
VOC Executive Team 4
The Coast Mountain Experience - Ape Lake 11 E. Morris
Chilkoot Trail 14 A. Lemaire
Ashulu Mountain 19 C. Petrus
Motocross Wheel on Unnecessary Mountain 22 M. Mirski
West Coast Trail 26 A. Lemaire
When Wedge Becomes Tricouni 30 A. Vialettes
Climbing and Mountaineering
Runaway Trail 49 Gili Rosenberg
Northeast Buttress of Mount Slesse 53 R. So
Don't Mess with the Nexus! 58 S. Long
Becoming a Trad Climber 61 E. Escobar
A Dirt-bagger's Guide to Climbing at Mt. Arapiles 66 Andrew Paré
Concerning Bears & Rocks 73 Wyatt Klopp
A Confession of Minor Sins on Mt. Baker 76 Matthew Parisien
Red Rocks and Joshua Tree 80 Sarah Long
My Valentine's Day Date 90 Richard So
Lazy Baker Ascent 93 Chris Petrus
Boulders, Belayers, and Bikers 96 Sarah Stepec and Leila Larson
North Ridge of Mount Baker 99 Andrej Dobos
De Luge 105 Erik Frebold
Super Deluxe Reality Awaits 109 Robin Avery
Pillow Action in the White Room with the Pink Ladies 117 Richard So
Skiing at Snowspider 119 Natalie Stafl
Roger's Pass: A Rewarding Swim to Cure a Hangover 121 Samantha Brett
Doing the Turns Right 124 Kjetil Birkeland Moe
Aventures sous une pleine lune 128 Andrew Silversides
The Kindness of Strangers 131 Afton Halloran
Deception Near Deception Peak 134 Sophia Toft Moulton
Mamquam, it's further that it looks! 136 Scott Webster
The Lake That Never Ends - Uncrossing the Garibaldi Neve 143 Eliza Boyce
Practicing for Speed: The Spearhead Passage Ski Mountaineering Race 146 Bram van Straaten
Land and Water
From Castlegar to Midway by Bicycle 155 Maya Goldstein
The Best Laid Plans of Fools... 160 Devon Carr
Champagne Ahoy! Misadventures in Cycle Touring Through France 164 A. Silversides
Night Ride Up at Okanagan Mountain Park 167 Samantha Brett
(Probably not) First Official VOC Kayak Trip 171 Ignacio Rozada
How not to Pee in a Kayak 177 M Veenstra
Mud, Chocolate and Ethical Hedonism 181 Matthew Carroll and Elissa Smith
Travels Abroad
Downs and Ups in Vietnam 187 Maya Goldstein
A World in One Country: Backpacking in China 191 Michael Fuller
Climbing in Australia... or something like it 202 Karolina Hanula and Paulina Biernacka
Midnight Visitors 207 S. Dain-Owens
Culture Shock in Japan 211 M. Fuller
Travel Partners 216 T. Shen
Club Life and Reflections
We are the VOC 223 C. Petrus
Longhike 2008 225 A. Lemaire
On Partners and Self-Esteem 227 S. Adams
Two Birthday Cakes, Seven Minutes in Heaven and Possible Upgrades to the Brian Waddington Hut 228 Roland Burton
Glacier School 2008 231 M Martin-Preney
Winter Longhike 2009 234 Chantelle Chan and Roland Burton
How not to Fall Through the Ice 239 Meghan Anderson
Winter Water Wisdom 243 Scott Webster
Tele School 2009 244 Karolina Hanula
Confessions of a Spooner 246 Spooner
Building the Phelix Creek Trail 249 Christian Veenstra
Recreation and Conservation Update 251 Scott Webster
Surely you're joking, Ms. Manners 255 Conrad Koziol
Solar Bear Club 260 S. Toft Moulton
Photo Contest 2008-2009 263
Learning to Swin by Getting Pushed off the Dock 269 Seth Adams
The World's Hottest Burger - A Strange Trip 279 Chris Petrus
Escape from British Columbia 282 Jeff Mottershead
The Self Propelled Chronicles Act I 313 Piotr Forysinski
Alaskan Cedar 313 S. Toft Moulton
Whitemantle on Skis, by Kayak 316 C. Veenstra
Journal Awards 332 Karolina Hanulra

Contributing to VOCJ 51

Submit an article

  • Deadline: FEBRUARY 20th 2009 (unless otherwise arranged with the editor)
  • Remember: each submission counts as a workhike
  • You can write about anything related to the outdoors—preferably involving some sort of self-propelled activity. Ideally an article would be 500–2000 words. E-mail it to Karolina Hanula as a .doc, .rtf, or .txt attachment. Don't forget to include a title.
  • If possible, submit photos (in as high a resolution as possible—preferably 300 dpi or better) to accompany your article. Please include a short descriptive caption and a photo credit. Photos should be TIFFs, JPEGs, PNGs or EPSs and sent as separate attachments.
  • Before submitting, read over your article and at least spellcheck it. Although your article will be edited, you'll endear yourself to the editor if you make it as painless as possible to clean up.
  • If you'd like to write something but don't have any ideas, consider signing up for one of the articles in the list below.

Submit photos

  • Colour photos should in TIFF, JPEG, or EPS format, in as high a resolution as possible. Include a descriptive caption and a photo credit. Either e-mail the photos to Karolina or send her a link to the specific images in the photo gallery. (Editor will ignore any submissions consisting of "Just use any of the photos in my album" or any similarly vague requests.)

Suggest advertisers

Although part of the budget is allocated to the journal, we still have to cover part of the printing and distribution costs by selling ads. We'd like to support local businesses (including those in Squamish and Whistler and other places VOCers frequently visit) that share the VOC's philosophy of access and sustainability. If you can think of any appropriate businesses or organizations we could approach, let Karolina know.

Suggest current VOCers we should harass for articles

Did you read a particularly entertaining trip report that might make a good article? Post the author and trip below. Serious suggestions only, please—no one needs to see the Waddington collage again...

  • Laura C, Girls just-a-wanna have fun (Jan 31st-feb 1st)
  • Colin V, Winter Longhike
  • -

Sign up for one of these stories

If you have an original idea for an article, write that up and submit that first. If you don't have any ideas or have already submitted an article and are hankerin' to do more writing, consider writing about one of the topics below. This is a bit of an experiment to see if we can encourage submissions, cover key VOC events, and avoid getting, like, fourteen articles about longhike, say.

If someone's already signed up for something you want to write about, you can get in touch with that person—if your articles are significantly different, or if you agree to collaborate, you can sign up as well. (This list is not exhaustive and is constantly being updated. Check back frequently.)

Topics (Name)

  • Advanced Avalanche course 2008:
  • Whitemantle traverse:--Bigbadbasstrombone 05:36, 7 February 2009 (PST)
  • Phelix Hut Trail Workhikes:--Bigbadbasstrombone 05:36, 7 February 2009 (PST)
  • Midnight Clamming Extravaganza:
  • Meet and Greet VOC Okanagan Potluck at Phelix:
  • Red Rocks Reading Week Trip 2008: Sarah Long + eddie
  • Red Rocks Reading Week Trip 2009: Karolina Hanula & co.
  • Son of Rock 2008:
  • Joint ACC/VOC Garibaldi Neve Traverse:
  • Intro to Ice Climbing 2008:
  • Vantage 2008: Sarah Long (already submitted)
  • MEC Gear Swaps:
  • Spearhead ski mountaineering race 2008: Bram
  • VOC Banquet & Awards 2007–2008:
  • Mountaineering Camp 2008:
  • Glacier school 2008: Madeleine M-P(submitted)
  • Longhike 2008: Natalie/Rozzy Pedder(?)
  • Intro to Backcountry Hot Springs 2008: Matthew
  • Climbing trip to Skaha 2008:
  • Climbing trip to Smith Rock 2008:
  • Avalanche course Dec 2008:
  • New Year's at Phelix 2009:
  • Winter Longhike 2009: Roland Burton & Chantelle Chan
  • Avalanche course Jan/Feb 2009:
  • Advanced Avalanche course 2009:
  • Intro to Backcountry Skiing 2009
  • VOC-Okanagan dispatch 2008-2009:
  • The VOC Grad News (whereabouts of past graduated VOC members): Champange
  • VOC Ultimate Frisbee Nights:
  • Tele-School 2009: Karolina Hanula
  • SAR—any past or current VOCers volunteers for search and rescue? Have stories?


* When should I submit my article?
If it's ready now, by all means, submit it now. Otherwise you have until February 20th, 2009, but the earlier you submit, the better. Any articles submitted later than the deadline will not make it into the journal.
* How many articles can I submit?
Well, try to submit one, at least. Submit as many articles as you'd like, but if you send in more than two, be prepared to have some of your articles cut, since we'd like everyone to have an opportunity to have an article printed.
* How do I submit articles and photos?
Send them to Karolina Hanula as attachments. Be sure to include your full name somewhere, either in the body of the e-mail or in the article itself, especially if you have a cryptic username like jizzmonkey69.
* How does a VOCJ article differ from a trip report?
A trip report can be a VOCJ article, but a VOCJ article needn't be a trip report. And rather than just copying and pasting your TR into a file and submitting it, you could make the editor happy by making sure that the article is coherent and has a clear beginning and conclusion.
* Does my story have to be an epic?
Not at all. A good journal article will inform or entertain—perhaps both—and although epics are natural fodder for entertaining stories, trip stories where everything goes smoothly can be just as fresh and edifying. Conversely, an epic, poorly written up, does not a good article make.
* What will you do to my article once I submit it?
The editor will fact-check proper names and edit the article for spelling (per Canadian Oxford Dictionary), grammar, style (per Chicago Manual), usage, and clarity. He may also suggest structural changes (moving paragraphs around) for better flow and cuts for length and conciseness. If necessary the editor will also eliminate libel and other inappropriate content.
* How will the editing process work?
The copy editors will edit your article electronically and send it back to you, with queries if something needs to be clarified. You'll have three days to go over the edited article and return it to the editor. Please don't rewrite the article at this stage—only answer the queries and make changes just to correct an outright error.
* Will you crop my photos?
The designer may have to crop your photos to fit, yes. If you want to insist that your image not be cropped, submit it with your desired crop and specify in the body of the e-mail to which the image is attached that you don't want it cropped. We'll do our best to accommodate your wishes. Note that all photos submitted will more likely than not be resized.
* What resolution do the photos have to be?
Photos that accompany an article should be at least 300 dpi at 4.5 inches (11.5 cm) wide. Stand-alone photos for the colour sections should be at least 300 dpi at about 6 inches (15.25 cm) wide. However, when you submit your photos, simply submit them in as high a resolution as possible and let the designer worry about converting them. You can lose photo quality if you convert them improperly or save them in an inappropriate format.
* Can I submit photos with nudity or use swear words in my article?
Expecting the journal to be devoid of nudity would be a bit delusional. However, the journal will be going out to some respectable types, so the decorum should be kept somewhat high. Decorum is kind of relative, though, so in short: tasteful nudity only. And make sure that all parties in the photo (nude or not) have given you permission to reproduce their image in a publication that will be archived for posterior. Er, posterity. As for swear words, some epics are definitely expletive-worthy, and the editor's not out to censor anyone. But, as with any (ahem) literary device, if you abuse expletives they'll lose their impact. Use only what you need to get your point across.

VOCJ 51 Style sheet

This is just for reference. If you're a kind soul you'll try to follow it, but if you don't, it's fine. The copy editors will fix inconsistencies in editing. But if you try to dispute an editorial decision that's specified on this style sheet, the style sheet will win.

  • use Canadian spelling (per Canadian Oxford Dictionary)
  • use series comma
  • use active voice whenever possible
  • avoid using "this" and "that" as pronouns rather than demonstrative adjectives
  • don't use emoticons and gratuitous exclamation points. If you do they will be unceremoniously eliminated
  • give full names in the first mentions of any people in your article
  • give full names for the first mentions of any potentially unfamiliar acronyms
  • use single spaces after all punctuation
  • use metric units; or at least give a metric conversion to any imperial units you use
  • spell out numbers from one to one hundred and all higher round numbers consisting of two words or fewer (e.g., "fourteen thousand"); use numerals for everything else, and use a comma in figures with four or more digits. (e.g., 2,568). Exception: use numerals when using decimals, metric units (e.g., 400 m, 30 km), and percentages (e.g., 28 per cent—note that "per cent" is spelled out as two words)
  • it's "gaiters," kids—not "gators." Unless you're actually talking about alligators.