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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 54
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Kelly Paton
Journal Editor
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President's Message 1
Editor's Message 2

Current News

Thanks for all your help, everyone! The journal was a resounding success. The mammoth 450 page tome is now available in the VOC clubroom. Stop by and pick up your copy! Non-members can purchase a copy for $20.

54th Edition

This page was adopted from Kathrin Lang's 53rd Edition page.

The VOC publishes a work of literary genius every spring: The Annual VOC Journal. Share your passion for the outdoors and for the VOC - help put together the 54th edition of the VOCJ!

We're using an interactive Wiki page this year, just like last year. This page is intended to help with the organization of the Journal to get it printed in time. See below for how you can contribute, deadlines, an article list with a trip report list (to avoid having multiple articles on the same trip), FAQs, and a style guide.

How can you contribute?

1. Submit an article.

  • About what? Write an article about a trip you did with the VOC (see the trip list below to 'sign up' for a particular trip article)! Or, write about a trip you did on your own, or it maybe not even about a particular trip. Write outdoor philosophies or ethics or just expressions of love for the mountains. Write an instruction guide for how to make some piece of gear you made at home this year, or if you're really into the history of some outdoor sport, write an article about it. Everything vaguely about non-motorized outdoor sports is welcome!
  • When? Firm final deadline for all articles is February 5th. (later submissions need a good reason and have to be approved by the journal editor)
  • How? Send files (or ideally a zip file) to [email protected]. Include:
    • the article, with a title and your name. Text (.txt or .rtf) or word (.doc or .docx) file formats are good. No pdfs, please.
    • photos, if you have them. Name them as name-of-article_pic1.jpg, name-of-article_pic2.jpg, etc, where name-of-article is the name of your article. Include picture caption info: where, photographer, subjects.

More detailed submission guidelines can be found here; see below for the style guide.

2. Submit a photo to the photo contest.

Photo contest details are up on the message board! Winning photos from each of 5 categories will be displayed in full colour in the journal.

3. Help with proofing, editing, and layout.

  • Edit articles for spelling, grammar, consistency. We'll need at least 2 edits per article! (early February)
  • Edit photos: check resolution, convert colour to black and white if needed, etc.
  • We'll likely use InDesign to create the journal. Do you (a) have InDesign and want to share it? or (b) want to help with the layout? No experience needed, just a willingness to work and learn.

If you'd like to assist, sign up below! Also, contact Kelly at [email protected].

4. From the Exec. We need two things from you in addition to what we need from everybody else

  • A portrait-type picture of yourself. See last years journal for examples. Some of you are really ugly and have trouble with this, but work on it.
  • A summary of what it was like to be in your Exec Position for the past year. Any achievements? Problems?

And remember: submitting an article to the VOCJ or assisting with editing/layout counts as a workhike!

Editing Team Sign-up

Sign up below (with your email address) and you'll be included in the fun. All articles will be shared through google docs for editing purposes. Please refer to the VOCJ style sheet (at the bottom of this page) when editing.


  • Kelly Paton ([email protected]) - shared on Google Docs
  • Skyler Des Roches (skylerdes at gmail dot com) - shared on Google Docs
  • Gili Rosenberg (gilirosenberg+at+gmail+dot+com) - shared on Google Docs
  • Maya Goldstein (goldmaya+at+gmail+dot+com) - shared on Google Docs
  • Veenstra (Bigbadbasstrombone) - shared on Google Docs
  • Len (ltgoff at gmail+dot+com) - shared on Google Docs
  • Roland Burton (rolandburt at gmail dot com) - shared on Google Docs
  • Phoebe Wong (phoebetwinkles at gmail dot com) - shared on Google Docs
  • Caitlin Schneider - shared on Google Docs
  • Jeff Taylor (jefftaylor [forty two] [at] gmail [dot] [com]) - shared on G.D.
  • Alfred Larsen (alfred [dot] larsen [at] gmail [dot] com) - shared.
  • Ignacio Rozada - shared
  • Josh Zukewich - shared
  • Jessica Litman - shared
  • Anne Vialettes - shared
  • Julia Stafford - shared
  • Aron Zahradka - shared
  • Fisal Elstone - shared
  • Erica Lay - shared
  • Eliza Boyce (ejunkza+at+gmail] - shared
  • Sarah Davidson - shared

Photo - conversion (colour to b&w) and miscellaneous



  • December 20th, 2011: suggested deadline for all article of trips that happened between April and mid-December. Not a firm deadline.
  • February 1st, 2012: deadline for advertisers to submit their artwork. Invoices will be sent once the journal is submitted to the printer.
  • February 5th, 2012 : firm final deadline for all articles to be submitted. Exceptions to this deadline must be approved by the journal editor.
  • March 4, 2012: proof sent out to editing team and exec to be proofread for errors. Link is here for the proof-reading wiki page used to keep track of edits and errors.
  • March 7, 2012: journal submitted to printer.
  • March 27, 2012 (day before banquet): journals printed and received.


Trip Agenda Article Possibilities

This is a list of all trips from the trip agenda (copied and pasted, reverse chronological order). If you want to write about a trip, or if you wrote the trip report and want to change it into an article, move it to the appropriate chapter in the Table of Contents below and put your name beside it.

Deleted because it's tedious to scroll past the massive list to get to the T.O.C. If you want to see it, you can look at previous versions of this page before Feb 6.

Table of Contents

Add your article to the appropriate chapter below.

Starting Material

President’s Message - submitted

VOC Executive 2011 - 12

Need pictures:

Have pictures:

  • Skyler Des Roches Quartermaster
  • Marius Muja (Webmaster) - BW
  • Jacob Slosberg (Quartermaster) - colour
  • Fisal Elstone (Membership Chair 2) - BW
  • Caroline Jung (Membership Chair 1) - BW
  • Erica Lay (FMCBC/ACC Rep) - BW
  • Phil Tomlinson (Special Projects)
  • Jessica Litman (Public Relations)
  • Veronika Schmitt (Vice President) - colour
  • Christian Veenstra (?) - BW
  • Kelly Paton (Journal Editor) - colour, converted
  • Brody Granger (Climbing Wall) - BW
  • Aron Zahradka (Quartermaster) - BW
  • Todd MacKenzie (Quartermaster) - BW
  • Kathrin Lang (Treasurer) - colour, converted
  • Katherine Valentine (President) - BW
  • Roland Burton (Useful Person) - colour, converted
  • Julia Stafford (Quartermaster)- BW and colour photos received
  • Lee Wasilenko (Climbing Wall 1)- colour photo received x2, converted
  • Len Goff (VOCene Editor) - BW photo received
  • Murray Down (Secretary) - BW photo received
  • Gili Rosenberg (Archivist) - BW photo received
  • Chris Yuen (Trips Coordinator 1) - BW photo received
  • Jeff Taylor (Trips Coordinator 2) - BW photo received
  • Caitlin Schneider (Quartermaster) - BW and colour photo received, taken by Aron

Photo Contest 2012


Hiking and Scrambling

  • But Still Below The Condors, Part 2: Around (Skyler Des Roches) - submitted
  • Stein Valley Traverse (Jeff Taylor) 3 photos - submitted + 3 photos
  • In the Footsteps of Rachael and Jonathan (Gili Rosenberg) 4 photos- submitted, + 5 photos
  • Tantalus Ramblings (Spencer Rasmussen, Caroline Jung, Charlie Beard) 4 photos - submitted + 6 photos
  • Reasonably Beginner-friendly hike to Crown Mountain (Chris Yuen) - submitted + 2 photos
  • Looping the Brazeau and other adventures in the Rockies (Gili Rosenberg) 3 photos - submitted + 5 photos
  • An Arctic Image (Breanne J) 4 photos- submitted + 6 photos
  • A Snowy Day up the Needles (Marcin) no map, too hard to see - submitted, + map
  • Ossa Mountain (Jeff Taylor) 4 photos- submitted + 4 photos
  • Tomyhoi Peak scramble (Ryan M) 1 photo, others are low res- submitted + 7 photos
  • Scrambling Castle Towers (Maxime Guillerm) 1 photo- submitted + 1 photo
  • Meager Creek Workhike (Kate Wootton) 3 photos - submitted + 4 photos
  • Freezing in Africa (Tom Curran) no photos? - submitted + 3 photos, need captions

Climbing & Mountaineering

  • Adventures on the Chief (Todd MacKenzie) 2 photos - submitted + 2 photos
  • Smith Rock - After Dark (Elliot Cudmore) - submitted, no photos
  • Four Climbs in a Week (Marcin Mirski) 3 photos- submitted + 4 photos
  • Tantalus Traverse (Nick Matwyuk and Nick Gobin) 4 photos- submitted, + many photos online
  • Snowclimb up Mt. Matier (Caroline Jung) 1 photo - submitted + 1 photo
  • Veeocee Pride (Derry Lappin) no photos - submitted, + 1 photo
  • A Force To Be Reckoned With (Artem Bylinskii) 3 photos - submitted, + 4 photos
  • Prism of Ice - A fiction short story (Sam McKoy) - submitted, no photos
  • Top Of Peru (Brad Ward) - submitted, no photos
  • But Still Below The Condors - Part 1: Up (Skyler Des Roches) - submitted, no photos

Skiing and Winter Mountaineering

  • Fast and Light Easter McBride (Christian Veenstra) 8 photos - submitted + 10 photos
  • Eat Drink Ski Sing Hobbit Style (Sam Mckoy) 3 photos - submitted + 3 photos
  • Turns All Year (Piotr Forysinski) 3 photos - submitted + 3 photos
  • A Moveable Peak: Mt. Matier Super Moon (Lee W) 4 photos - submitted + many photos online
  • Don't Forget Your Helmet: Mt. Baker Backcountry (Lee W) 4 photos- submitted + 4 photos
  • Mt Baker in a day, self-propelled (Caroline J, Nick M, Marcin) 4 photos - submitted + 4 photos
  • The Dismal Ski Trip of Gloom (Breanne J) all photos- submitted + 11 photos
  • Dedededede de do...Brew New Years (Murray) - submitted, no photos
  • Black Tusk and Cinder Cone via Helm Creek (Murray Down) - submitted, no photos
  • Chronicles of Taylor Meadows(Rodrigo Samayoa) 2 photos- submitted, + 5 photos
  • Too much snow and too many bombs in Rogers Pass (Phil) 2 photos - submitted + 2 photos
  • Adventures on the Columbia Icefield (Nick M) 2 photos- Submitted + 2 photos
  • Fully Alcoholic Non-Traverse (Michael Duncan) - submitted, no photos
  • Denali (Geoff Martin) 7 photos- Submitted + 9 photos
  • What's a switch back?? (Jess L) 1 photo - submitted, + 1 photo
  • Lessons learned at Red Heather Meadows (Roland Burton) - Submitted, no photos
  • Caspar Creek Early Season Ski Debacle (Anne V, Philip D, Marcin M) 3 photos - submitted + 4 photos
  • Of How I Came to Lose Nine Beginners In Diamond Head (Aron Zahradka), 1 photo - submitted + 1 photo
  • My first ski trip (Kate Wootton.) - submitted, no photos
  • Memoir of a newbie conquering Mt. Brew (Cathrine Fogt Hjorth) - submitted, no photos
  • Exodus for the rest of us (Artem) - submitted + 4 photos - need original files

Land & Water

  • Caving on Vancouver Island (Julia Stafford) 2 photos - submitted + 3 photos
  • Bushwhacking 201: Mt. Meslilloet Self-propelled (Nick M) 3 photos - Submitted, + 3 photos
  • Looking for Sunshine: Summer Cycle Touring in North BC, the Yukon and Alaska (Maya Goldstein) 4 photos + 1 in section colour pages- submitted, + 7 photos
  • Wenatchee River Paddling (Fiona and Rich) 3 photos- submitted, + 4 photos + 3 additional photos + more on website
  • Surfing at Skookumchuck (Caitlin) 2 photos- submitted + 2 photos
  • Self-propelled voyage to the top of Mt. Gardner (Jessica Litman) - submitted, no photos
  • Mt Albert by sailboat (Piotr F) 3 photos- submitted + 9 photos
  • Perspectives on Sea Kayaking (Caitlin Schneider) 2 photos - submitted + 3 photos
  • Rowing the Tasman Sea (Martin Berka) 1 photo - submitted, one photo and one map
  • A more civilized sort of bike tour (Phil and Vicky) 5 photos- submitted + 6 photos
  • Cycling Journey to the Land of Socialism and Endless Coconuts (Maya and Gili) 5 photos - submitted + 7 photos

Club Life & Reflections

  • Extended, Boring Opinion on Non-boring Activities(Skyler Des Roches) - reminded, extended
  • The lazy city-boy survival guide to the VOC (Ron Maharik) - submitted, no photos
  • 22 years of sliding on snow - reveling in narcissism (Phil) - reminded
  • Some rambling discussion of the VOC's huts (Phil) - reminded
  • 12 months with the VOC (Katherine Valentine) - submitted, no photos
  • Lessons learned about the quality of life in the backcountry (Ignacio Rozada) 2 photos - submitted + 2 photos
  • From the Land of Sand to the Land of Snow (Maya Goldstein) 3 photos - submitted + 6 photos
  • How to snowshoe the Garibaldi Neve - (How to find a girlfriend in the VOC) (Dan Eagen) 1 photo - submitted + 1 photo
  • 25 things the VOC has taught me (Kate Wootton) - submitted, no photos
  • Dispatches from the Front Lines of Etiquette (Ms. Manners) - submitted, no photos
  • In Defense of Faffing (Len Goff) - submitted, no photos
  • A Guide to Backcountry Pooing (Jessica Litman) - submitted, no photos
  • How NOT to train for Denali (Michael Duncan) 1 photo - submitted, + 1 photo
  • How to acquire a bike dirt cheap on the day before new year eve (Noriko Okamoto) - reminded
  • TENTATIVE: Climbing guidebook one-liners (Mark G) - reminded, extended
  • Pipe Dreams project (Faroe) - submitted no photos


Questions, suggestions, and submissions can be sent to [email protected]. This year's journal editor is Kelly Paton.


* When should I submit my article?
If it's ready now, by all means, submit it now. Otherwise you have until February 5th, 2012, but the earlier you submit, the better. Any articles submitted later than the deadline will not make it into the journal.
* How many articles can I submit?
Well, try to submit one, at least. Submit as many articles as you'd like, but if you send in more than two, be prepared to have some of your articles cut, since we'd like everyone to have an opportunity to have an article printed.
* How do I submit articles and photos?
Send them to Kelly Paton (journal@ubc-voc.com) as attachments. Be sure to include your full name somewhere, either in the body of the e-mail or in the article itself, especially if you have a cryptic username like jizzmonkey69.
* How does a VOCJ article differ from a trip report?
A trip report is a good start to a VOCJ article, but a VOCJ article needn't be a trip report. Rather than just copying and pasting your TR into a file and submitting it, edit it to make sure that the article is coherent and has a clear beginning and conclusion (and a middle too).
* Does my story have to be an epic?
Not at all. A good journal article will inform or entertain—perhaps both—and although epics are natural fodder for entertaining stories, trip stories where everything goes smoothly can be just as fresh and edifying. Conversely, an epic, poorly written up, does not a good article make.
* What will you do to my article once I submit it?
The editor will fact-check proper names and edit the article for spelling (per Canadian Oxford Dictionary), grammar, style (per Chicago Manual), usage, and clarity. She may also suggest structural changes (moving paragraphs around) for better flow and cuts for length and conciseness. If necessary the editor will also eliminate libel and other inappropriate content.
* How will the editing process work?
The copy editors will edit your article electronically and will only send it back to you if major changes need to be made. Submitting it means you accept that it will be edited for spelling, grammar, and coherence.
* Will you crop my photos?
The designer may have to crop your photos to fit, yes. If you want to insist that your image not be cropped, submit it with your desired crop and specify in the body of the e-mail to which the image is attached that you don't want it cropped. We'll do our best to accommodate your wishes. Note that all photos submitted will more likely than not be resized.
* What resolution do the photos have to be?
Photos that accompany an article should be at least 300 dpi at 4.5 inches (11.5 cm) wide. Stand-alone photos for the colour sections should be at least 300 dpi at about 6 inches (15.25 cm) wide. However, when you submit your photos, simply submit them in as high a resolution as possible and let the designer worry about converting them. You can lose photo quality if you convert them improperly or save them in an inappropriate format.
* Can I submit photos with nudity or use swear words in my article?
Expecting the journal to be devoid of nudity would be a bit delusional. However, the journal will be going out to some respectable types, so the decorum should be kept somewhat high. Decorum is kind of relative, though, so in short: tasteful nudity only. And make sure that all parties in the photo (nude or not) have given you permission to reproduce their image in a publication that will be archived for posterior. Er, posterity. As for swear words, some epics are definitely expletive-worthy, and the editor's not out to censor anyone. But, as with any (ahem) literary device, if you abuse expletives they'll lose their impact. Use only what you need to get your point across.

VOCJ 54 Style sheet

This is just for reference. If you're a kind soul you'll try to follow it, but if you don't, it's fine. The copy editors will fix inconsistencies in editing. But if you try to dispute an editorial decision that's specified on this style sheet, the style sheet will win.

More specific styles adopted for this journal in particular (54th edition) can be found on this page.

  • use Canadian spelling (per Canadian Oxford Dictionary)
  • use series (Oxford) comma (i.e., bananas, apples, and oranges. NOT bananas, apples and oranges.)
  • use active voice whenever possible
  • avoid using "this" and "that" as pronouns rather than demonstrative adjectives
  • don't use emoticons and gratuitous exclamation points. If you do they will be unceremoniously eliminated
  • enclose dialogue in double quotation marks
  • enclose phrases or words that require definition within single quotation marks
  • words in languages other than English should be italicized.
  • give full names in the first mentions of any people in your article
  • give full names for the first mentions of any potentially unfamiliar acronyms
  • use single spaces after all punctuation
  • use two short dashes for dashes separating phrases; use one short dash for hyphenated words.
  • use metric units; or at least give a metric conversion to any imperial units you use
  • spell out numbers from one to one hundred and all higher round numbers consisting of two words or fewer (e.g., "fourteen thousand"); use numerals for everything else, and use a comma in figures with four or more digits. (e.g., 2,568). Exception: use numerals when using decimals, metric units (e.g., 400 m, 30 km), and percentages (e.g., 28 per cent—note that "per cent" is spelled out as two words)
  • it's "gaiters," kids—not "gators." Unless you're actually talking about alligators.