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Archive of Wiki Tip of the Moment

A list of tips having appeared on the front page will appear here. Hopefully these tips will make VOCers more Wiki-savy! When you change the tip on the front page (which you should do every few days) make sure to add the tip here, and date it.

March 29 2004

Using the Recent Changes link (always available on the left toolbar) is a great way to find out what's new on the VOCWiki.

April 1 2004

You can create yourself an account from the Log in link which is always available at the top right of the page. Having an account allows us to keep track of who's making what changes. It also gives you access to additional features, like uploading files.

April 15 2004

Discussion about the content of a page can take place on the Talk pages. Simply click on Discuss this page on the left toolbar and you will automatically be taken to the Talk page for the article you are viewing. When editing a talk page, it is often useful to sign your name, if you are logged in simply type 4 tildens (~) in a row and your name and a date stamp will automatically be affixed.

June 24 2004

There are many ways to make contributions to the Wiki. You don't need to be an outdoors hard-person or a computer geek. If you're new to the outdoors but want to help out, you could spend a bit of time fixing the formating, spelling, and grammar of some of the existing articles.

February 6 2005

The wiki software has recently been upgrade. You can now upload images again (you need to create an account for this to work). If you have any technical problems with the site, contact Chris (webmaster at ubc-voc dot com).

August 15 2005

In an effort to reduce the amount of spam on the wiki, you now have to login to edit pages. If you don't already have an account, it's very easy to create one from the login page. As before, you don't need to be a VOC member to contribute.

March 21 2006

In a further effort to remove spam, there's now a "challenge" to create new accounts (don't worry, it's not hard, but probably too hard for the robots...). Also, a whole bunch of old accounts that looked like they were automatically generated have been deleted. If your account has been accidentally deleted, sorry! Please create it again.

September 16, 2006

Mediawiki software upgraded. This requires us to use PHP5 instead of PHP4. As usual, report any technical problems to Chris at webmaster at ubc dash voc dot com.

October 13 2006

Categories are an alternative way to browse the wiki. Each page can be classified into one or more categories, and then all the pages in the same category can be accessed through a master category page that has an alphabetized list of the pages. For example, see Category:Huts which has links to all the hut pages. Categories can be categorized as well to build up a hierarchy of categorization. To add a page to any category, add a category link at the bottom of the page like this


August 1, 2007

You can change your personal user preferences on the special:preferences page. This page is linked from the "special pages" link of the toolbox menu bar on the left side of the screen. Things that you can adjust are your time zone, photo viewing, and list length preferences. You can also adjust the look of the wiki by choosing a different skin.

February 8, 2008

Wiki templates allow you to reuse the same pre-formatted wiki text on multiple pages. To use a template, put the template name in double Squiggly brackets like this: {{disclaimer}}. Parameters can be passed to a template by using the pipe character, for example: {{Message_box|message=your message here}}.Some commonly used templates used on this wiki are template:Message_box, template:avalanche_hazard, template:trip date, template:master gear list, template:hutbox, template:Tetrahedron common and template:VOCJ article. To see what the various parameters for each template are, see the talk page for that template.