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This is a page dedicated to the Wiki Cleanup Project 2014-15, by Cora, Anne, and Tobias. Join us in our efforts! There is a lot of work to be done.

Principle cleanup ideas

Hide outdated information, while making current information more accessible. We plan on moving old and outdated pages to a new Namespace "Archive". From these old trip pages, we are only interested in the trip descriptions, but not old signup sheets and so forth. Thus, a great deal of work will consist of extracting generic trip descriptions that are of timeless interest from old trip pages. These trip descriptions will then end up as new pages in the Main namespace of this Wiki.

At the same time, a lot of the pages that are current and useful, do not have incoming links. We plan on increasing intra-wiki links to make these pages more accessible.

Move of pages into the "Archive" namespace

In September/October 2014, a lot of pages have been and are going to be moved into the new Archive namespace. This indicates neither that they are obsolete nor that they do not contain relevant information. A lot of the pages may contain very useful trip descriptions, that are highly relevant for the future.

However, these pages all contain information that is outdated and of minor historical interest – first and foremost, signup pages and meetup details of a concrete trip at a certain date. Since this might still be of some histocial significance for some, pages are not deleted and instead kept in a separate namespace.

Extracting information that is deemed useful for future trips is a key task – and one that is still on-going. Please understand that the move of many pages to the Archive namespace is so as to provide an opportunity to fix this wiki's most severe problem – a missing organizational structure that makes existing information accessible.

Move to Archive: Articles pending

Uncategorized Archive pages

/Archive – these pages have been moved to the archive namespace, but they have not yet been evaluated in terms of what content may be moved back to the main namespace.

List of important, unlinked pages

These are pages that deserve more attention (i.e. links from other pages), since they are up-to-date, informative and highly relevant for the club. Please do not include any pages that already have many incoming links or links from prominent pages like the Main Page.

Proposed :Category structure

Our current Categories can be seen on Special:Categories. Note that many categories exist in isolation, and not in a complete hierarchy (or ontology). For example, Category:Trip Ideas is a quite important Category, but not a subcategory of some larger category and not linked from any other page.

Category:Club probably is very similar to Category:Content, so that it may be deleted.