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This page is no longer in use. To register to stay at a VOC hut, please visit our new registration page. (May 15, 2021)

Non-VOC Huts

There are many non-VOC huts out there that are similar to VOC Huts that are not locked, don't take reservations, and, are generally first come first serve. If you want to indicate that you will be using one of these huts anyways, you are welcome to do so on the Non-VOC Hut Registration Page. These huts were not built by the VOC and are not maintained by the VOC. Most users of these huts do not use these registration boards so do not be surprised to arrive to a full cabin even if nothing is posted there. These huts were not built by the VOC and we do not maintain them. If you visit a non-VOC hut, please consider leaving a donation for the caretakers.

Archived Data

During the time that this registration board was in use, many bulletins were posted and the usage data was tracked. If you are interested in seeing these archived pages, here are the links:

If you would like to view the wiki pages for all the VOC Huts here are the links: