Vancouver Island caving

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So heres a little bit on the inside of the caves for horne lake caves if your ineterested

Caves large.jpg

Things To Bring

1. A hardhat with a chinstrap, and with a mounted headlamp with good batteries. For a first trip, any hardhat will do, and a light can be duct taped in place.
2. A backup light. We mount two lights on our hats and carry a third on a cord around the neck.
3. Gloves.
4. Kneepads.
5. Boots with a gnarly sole.
6. Elbow pads are a good idea.
7. Protective clothing - rain gear, overalls, ...
8. Ascender
9. Descender
10. Rope
Check out MEC or KarstSports for info or sales.
8-10 are for vertical rope stuff

SRT (Single Rope Technique)

Necessary technique for acending and descending on vertical ropes in caves. Also requires a caving harness which is similar to a climbing harness and a chest croll. More can be found at *Single Rope Technique

Special Environment

Since caves tend to be untouched environments with unique organisms and fragile enviromnets the pack out what you pack in is a mantra of caving as well to not damage the environment. For this reason groups of 5 are a max.