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Glacier School - G1 · Sat. Sep. 23rd, 2023 - Sun. Sep. 24th, 2023

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Organized by: Zachary Wirth.

Start: Saturday, Sep. 23rd, 6:00 am
End: Sunday, Sep. 24th, 10:00 pm
Pre-trip meeting: Wednesday, Sep. 20th, 6:30 pm
Pre-trip meeting location: AMS Great Hall



What is G1?


Have you started taking on harder hiking, backpacking, or skiing objectives and want to gain the skills to take on objectives involving glacier travel? Glacier School 1 (G1) serves as the introductory trip to teach participants how to safely travel across a glacier in a rope team. G1 participants will also learn the skills needed to safely travel on steep snow.


What will we cover?


  • Self-arrest
  • Walking in crampons
  • Knots and how to rope up on a glacier
  • Building snow or ice anchors
  • Basics of crevasse rescue

What are the pre-requisites?


  • Some backcountry camping experience
  • The ability to top rope belay (many gyms, including the aviary, offer lessons)
  • Participants must be able to attend the pre-trip and a dry school session in the week before the trip
  • Participants must read the Glacier manual before the dry school and become familiar with the knots

What are the logistics?

We expect to take 40 participants, priority will be given to those who meet the pre-reqs and by the order of the committed list.

What gear will I need?

See pg. 5 of the glacier manual. You do not need to bring ice-screws or pickets, instructors will bring these. Ice axes, crampons, harnesses, helmets, mountaineering boots, gaiters and sleeping pads can be rented from the club. Everything else you’ll have to buy, rent, or borrow. MEC is the best option for most stuff you need to buy, but Sports Junkies or Facebook marketplace can have some good deals (avoid used climbing gear).

Have any more questions?


Join the Discord Message Board on the VOC Discord and feel free to ask any questions or chat to other participants in the months leading up to the trip!




The pre-trip will take place on Wednesday the 20th. This will also be a dry school, covering ascending, knot practice, and gear hours. The pre-trip is MANDATORY if you want to go on the trip. Still to be confirmed, but we will plan to rotate through stations in the Aviary, at the clubroom for gear hours, and outside for knot practice. If you're not in the top 40 of the committed list, it may still be worth attending, in case some people don't show up. We will be allocating car groups and learning groups. Instructors will also need to be at the pre-trip.


Instructors for glacier school are club members who volunteer their time, and are not professional guides. If you don't feel comfortable taking responsibility for your own life in the context of an informal course advised by VOC instructors, you should take a mountaineering course offered by a professional guiding service.

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