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Annual Early Season Ski Trip to Brew


Every year we struggle up to the Brew Hut to try out skiing before the snow gets too deep and hence it becomes really far to get there.

This should be a trip in the classic VOC skiing style - a bunch of keen VOCers, never having been on tele skis before, will tough their way up to the hut and discover that (despite the suffering) they really love the mountains in winter. Exchange students who've never seen snow before are ideal, and this is probably the best place to start if you want to be skiing across the Garibaldi Neve this spring (this, or one of Roland's Red Heather trips...).

Please *read the wiki* for more information on what you'll need to survive. Any questions should be posted on the Message Board for the benefit of all.


Organized by: Christian Veenstra


Here is the Message Board Thread

Here is the Wiki Page


Start time: Saturday, Nov. 12th

End time: Sunday, Nov. 13th

Pre-trip meeting

Pre-trip meeting time: Wednesday, Nov. 9th, 6:00 pm

Pre-trip meeting location: clubroom


Details and Signup Here!

interested as of 31 OCT 2011

This list re-arranged to sort out experience levels. Note that this is only regarding terrain/avalanche evaluation and says nothing of skiing skill. Do not sign up here, sign up on the trip agenda.


  1. Christian Veenstra; Can drive 5; Says -> I'm running the trip.
  2. Line Lund Veenstra; Says -> Lots of sweeping experience
  3. Chris Petrus; Says -> - experienced and can (shep)herd beginners
  4. Emma Loveday; Can drive 2; Says -> Level 1 avi training-got all gear-multiple overnight winter hiking/camping trips. 20+ years skiing/snowboarding experience with 1 year splitbard/skins experience (practiced a lot at Baker/Tahoe last year)
  5. Frances Sharpe; Says -> AST1, like to sweep :)
  6. Ferdinand Klenner; Says -> Skiing instructor and used to use avalanche equipment

Experienced, but ...

  1. Samuel Belanger-McKoy; Says -> willing to help make things less sufferable for beginners ALSO Interested in Alcoholic Traverse
  2. Marius Muja ALSO Interested in Alcoholic Traverse
  3. Adriana Muja; Can drive 4; Says -> AST1, can comfortably ski difficult terrain ALSO Interested in Alcoholic Traverse
  4. Craig Alfredson; Says -> lotsa skiin' experience HAS Commitment on Saturday


  1. Bart Ludbrook; Can drive 4; Says -> Basic avi training, intermediate skier
  2. Fiona Hodge; Says -> Basic avi, beginner (keen) skier
  3. Mark Styler; Says -> taken a class, have equipment, good at skiing
  4. Kaley Crawford-Flett; Says -> reasonable ski experience, some backcountry, have equipment
  5. David Bigelow; Can drive 5; Says -> 15 years of skiing experience and AST-1 training. Stoked to learn about the backcountry!
  6. Kimble Mooney; Says -> Maybe have access to vehicle. No formal avi training but have experience. Snowboard well...
  7. Anthony Huffman; Says -> May have vehicle with space for 4 total. Substantial alpine and backcountry skiing experience. No formal avi training
  8. Chantelle Chan; Says -> AST-1, full season of tele'd blue runs at Whistler, not much skiing-with-a-pack experience
  9. Johannes Erhardt; Says -> did some avalanche training, intermediate skiing skills
  10. Helene Maria Gylling; Says -> Have had avalanche training, got the gear, good skiier on- and off-piste, but new to telemark.
  11. Paolo Segre; Can drive 2; Says -> Had some Avy training, but it was years ago. Pretty good tele skier but this is my first time skiing in PaNwest conditions. My car will only fit 1 more person with skis..
  12. Tanner Watteyne; Says -> Expert skier with avalanche training. (Oops, left my beacon back home..)
  13. Andrew Cavers; Says -> Skied downhill for years, one avy/backcountry course taken a year ago.


  1. Philip Daoust; Says -> no formal avalanche trainning Testing new AT ski setup (beginner)
  2. Evgeny Sorkin; Can drive 4
  3. Adam Remillard
  4. Joel Allan; Can drive 2; Says -> I did a little bit of tele-skiing in high school but that was a long time ago
  5. Mikkel Petersen; Can drive 7; Says -> Signed up for avalanche training, lots of ski experience, though not tele skiing
  6. Ditte Juhl; Says -> Have signed up for avalanche training; Lots of alpine but no backcountry skiing
  7. Noriko Okamoto; Says -> not officially trained. confident uphill skier, and happy to demonstrate recovering from falls.
  8. Catherine Fogt Hjorth; Says -> No avalanche training yet and no skiing experience, but I am very keen, tough and willing to suffer!
  9. Cameron Crossley; Can drive 5; Says -> no avi training, ski experience from when i was younger, current snowboard experience
  10. Gillian Albert; Says -> No avalanche training, x-country ski experience but all in the prairies, super keen to learn!!
  11. Robert D\'Amours; Says -> I have intermediate downhill skiing experience; zero telemark experience.
  12. Megan Cramb; Says -> grew up skiing, but havent skiied much recently- never been telemarking
  13. Jacob Magnusson; Says -> No avalanche training. Intermediate downhill skier, but no backcountry/tele experience.
  14. Lia Dengler; Says -> Very interested, but am a total beginner. Have some alpine ski experience but that's about it.
  15. Nora Helen Lund Lyngra; Says -> Got the gear, but haven't used it much. Mid level skier
  16. Bart Buelens; Says -> 4 weeks of skiing experience. Exchange student who is interested in one of his best experiences in Canada. Haven't taken a training, but will do so if it is possible.
  17. Anna Tchoudnovska; Says -> many years of [groomed-terrain] downhill and xcountry experience, zero telemark experience!
  18. Kristofer Rhude; Says -> Learned how to use a beacon yesterday, so no avalanche experience, but I am on the Nordic skiing team. (not much downhill though)
  19. Jaimie Wu; Says -> Total Beginner
  20. Kate Wootton; Says -> No avalanche training and beginner skier!
  21. Shuvi Haramati; Can drive 5
  22. Matthew Laraghy
  23. Brendan Dawe; Says -> Been on a few ski trips, no avalanche training

Go up Friday, Come back Saturday

Providing I can get a carload and providing some of the others in the carload are good for some trail breaking. The theory is that it shouldn't be crowded Friday night. Beginners are welcome but some tough people would be nice, too.

  1. Roland Burton; Can drive 5; Says -> No avalanche training but I have been in avalanches. MAY do Fri-Sat
  2. Anna Szeitz; Says -> Sow intermediate skier with AST1. Knows how to not get lost and stay alive. MAY do Fri-Sat