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Who's Organizing this?

Geoff Martin, or Roland Burton Talk to these people if you want to find out what's happening.


June 26-27

  • This is the last weekend in June so we're hoping that the snow will have melted enough to allow for good working conditions and good travel conditions.
  • There is also the option of driving up on Friday for those who are keen. This would allow for an early start and more time allowed for the loads to be carried up to the hut. Talk to your driver.
  • There's lots of work to be done so excellent planning, efficiency, and a big group are key!

Background and Purpose

Brew Hut

  • The Brew Hut needs some work done to ensure it's longevity. Brew is a very popular summer and winter destination, it provides access to excellent beginner and advanced back country skiing terrain, popular hikes and climbs, and is the end point for the Alcoholic Traverse.
  • Alpine huts are very exposed to the elements and are subject to extreme conditions, Brew is no exception. It needs to be cared for or it will not be available for the outdoor community to use in the future.
  • A MEC grant is funding the work and also allows us to pay for all gas used during travel to and from the hut. This means no one has to pay for gas!

Work to Do

Motivated people are needed to lead these jobs. Comment on the message board or email Geoff or Roland if you're keen.

  • Carrying Loads - We'll be able to drive all the way up the logging roads (barring any unforeseen circumstances) so that leaves only the 5.5km route to the hut to carry the loads over. The route is not overly steep, but gains about 800m of elevation over the distance. We need strong people to carry 3 windows, 2 rolls of tar paper, paint and solvent and brushes, 4 litres white gas, membrane tape and primer, an aluminum ladder (2 people), spineboard, straps & collar, and miscellaneous tools.
  • a roll of tarpaper weighs 18 lbs (x2)
  • A can of paint weighs 9 lbs and a can of solvent weighs 2 lbs
  • the 4 litres of white gas weighs 7 lbs
  • the blueskin membrane + primer weigh 6 lbs
  • a light window weighs 22 lbs, the one that opens weighs 25 lbs
  • The ladder is only about 26 lbs
  • assorted tools were not weighed.
  • I can supply an external frame pack which could be used to carry one window, or maybe windows can be tied to the outside of an overnight pack. I spent about 2 hours wrapping them in 1/8 inch plywood so they are less likely to break.
  • Southeast Wall Work - This is the biggest job and will require the most people and know-how. The entire sheet metal wall needs to be removed, the wall interior must be assessed and dried out, breathing holes into the hut may need to be drilled, 2 layers of tar paper must be put up, the tar paper must be primed and then covered in the membrane tape, and the sheet metal must be put back up.
  • Replacing the Windows - The three windows on the southeast wall must be replaced. This will need to be done while the sheet metal is off, probably while the wall is drying out. The windows will need to be sealed and weather stripped.
  • Frame Painting - All the window and door frames need to be painted with a special sun-damage resistant membrane paint.
  • Miscellaneous Weather Stripping - One window and the door need weather stripping.
  • Lightning Rod Installation - Research is still being done to see if this is possible. We'd need to run the insulated wire through the wall while the wall is removed.
  • Fire Wood Chopping - A group should go to the remains of the old hut (~500m away from the Brew Hut) and chop it up enough to fill the woodshed for the coming winter.
  • Carry-Out - Garbage and tools will need to be carried out Sunday evening once the reno is complete.


  • Everyone! We need lots of excited people to make this renovation a success.
  • Don't worry if you don't have experience in the outdoors or in hut renovation, there will be people there who do and your contributions will be just as valuable.
  • We are looking for a few motivated people willing to head up some of the projects listed above. If you think you can do this comment on the message board thread, or email Geoff or Roland.

Why Should I Go

  • It's a workhike! Once you complete it you can borrow club gear for the year.
  • The Brew Hut is your hut. Contributing to it's well being will give you a sense of ownership in the hut, the VOC, and the outdoor community at large.
  • It's fun! You'll meet new people. You'll get to be outside.

Equipment Needed

You'll only need personal equipment, all tools and materials will be provided by the club.

Check out the Gear lists for what to bring on a hiking hut trip.

  • A hiking pack
  • A sleeping bag (the hut gets warm, so it doesn't need to be a super warm bag)
  • Appropriate hiking clothes (think warm and dry, and remember: cotton kills)
  • Raingear
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking boots
  • Food - you may want to form food groups
  • Stove and Fuel - the hut has a large Coleman stove we can use, but we should have others with lots of people trying eat (you can share stoves)
  • Cooking and eating utensils - (pots can be shared in food groups)
  • Personal items (toothbrush, toilet paper, etc...)
  • You might want to bring a camera.

Pre-Trip Meeting

The pre-trip meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 23 at the VOC clubroom in the SUB basement. It will be at 6:00 and is followed by the "Packing Light" presentation at 7:00 if you're interested.

  • The meeting is important because we'll be figuring out rides up and who is sleeping in tents and who's sleeping in the hut.
  • If you can't make the meeting make sure to contact Geoff or Roland to let us know your going. Also make sure you contact one of the drivers so you have a ride up and secure your own sleeping arrangements.

Sign-up List

The hut holds 15+/-, but we want more than this. Once we reach a number above 15 we'll plan tent groups. Some of us actually prefer tents for sleeping.

Hut Sleepers (max 15)

  1. Sam Mason
  2. Michael Uhlmann
  3. Cécile Repellin
  4. Kathrin L.
  5. Matthew Zieleman
  6. Ben Adam
  7. Cindy Li
  8. Mohammad M


  1. Andrew McGechaen
  2. Geoff Martin
  3. Abdullah Radi
  4. Rueben Schulz
  5. Roland Burton
  6. Alexander Westbye
  7. Maki Sumitani
  8. Shuyu
  9. Patrick
  10. Aisling
  11. Steve


  1. Dmitry Borzov
  2. Phil Tomlinson
  3. Vicky Alfred
  4. Ryan McKenzie
  5. Joti "the mule" Sara
  6. Tom Curran
  7. Veenstra
  8. Clayton

Car List

Note: Gas for all drivers will be paid for by a grant from MEC. To get your gas money back, start with a full tank, then fill up again at the end of the trip. Put your name on the receipt for the end-of-trip fillup, and give it to Roland (or Geoff, but Roland is already owed $850, so probably, Roland). You will get paid eventually, may take a while...

  • Andrew McGechaen (Andrew + 3)
  1. Geoff Martin
  2. Cecile Repellin
  3. Abdullah Radi
  • Sam Mason (Sam + 3)
  1. Alexander Westbye
  2. Shuyu
  3. Patrick
  • Ryan McKenzie (Ryan + 4)
  1. Kathrin L.
  2. Clayton
  3. Michael Uhlmann
  4. Tom Curran
  • Roland Burton (Roland + 4). Dunbar/UBC area Phone or email me if you want a ride. I will probably stay Sun night and return Monday. I will probably bring a 3-person tent.
  1. Maki
  2. Rueben
  3. Cindy Li

  • Muffin (Muffin + one) No rear seats, but room for people & gear on the logging road
  1. Aisling
  2. Steve

Other Maybe Veenstra's car, or Mohammad's or Craig's Truck. This vehicle is in the process of organizing.

  1. Mohammad
  2. Benjamin Adam
  3. Veenstra
  4. Craig
  5. Probably not Maira