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Regarding huts also see:

Brew hut

  • Decided that we have nearly enough wood in the woodshed for the winter but we should haul up some dead wood
  • Order windows (Roland)
  • Install windows (August/September 2013, Ryan)
  • Window FMCBC grant: Acknowledge FMCBC funding on a sign in the hut. Send in pictures and a report. (Ryan)
  • The outhouse paint is flaking off a lot and mostly gone. We should sand the outside to remove the paint completely and then we should repaint the outhouse. Roland said that he has some paint that would be suitable. We might do this at the weekend when we install the windows since many people will be needed for carrying but not so many for installing.

Brian-Waddington hut

  • Painting (Caitlin, August 2013)
  • Move the outhouse?
  • Install new bridge (Christian)?

Sphinx hut

  • Install door brush (Steph, July/August)

Harrison hut

  • Lots of Trail building (Ben, Christian)
  • Send a report and photos to MEC, acknowledgement sign


  • Application for AMS clubs benefit fund (Ben)


  • Waivers: Switch to new FMCBC waivers, separate from sign-up sheet, talk to AMS about new waivers. Steph emailed the AMS FinCom and asked if they approve the new waiver.


  • Repair session (QMs)
  • Ski waxing (QMs)

Club room

  • Get rid of the old maps. The maps are up for grabs and later the cabinets as well.

Safety/Inclusiveness measures

  • Add bylaw on discrimination/harassment to constitution, organize general meeting in Sept. Draft is sent to the SAC. (Steph)
  • Circulate that we have contact persons, new email addresses needed.
  • Action plan for cases of highly improper behavior (Alex)
  • Work out a code of conduct


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