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The Special Projects Coordinator:

  • Takes care of the huts to make sure they are still there for future generations.
  • Coordinates renovation and workhike trips to the huts.
  • Advises people, members and non-members how to get to VOC Huts, and what to expect there.
  • Collects information from users, on the state of the VOC Huts, and recommends to the Exec if any work needs to be done on any of the Huts.
  • Makes recommendations regarding building of new huts, or removing or replacing huts.
  • Ensures that any trail building commitments undertaken by the Club are properly followed through.
  • A good person for this position is one who is interested in VOC Huts, can collect information on huts and hut locations, and make persuasive recommendations to the Execs.

Current Exec Report

Brew Hut

In the fall of 2012, we chopped up more of the old Brew Hut for firewood. Remains of the old Brew Hut are running low and the cost of helicoptering in wood should be considered in the near future. We shoveled out the outhouse, clearing enough space for another year of product. This procedure is disgusting but effective. The two windows at the back of Brew were replaced last year. The remaining windows at Brew should be replaced in the upcoming year, in particular one of the windows on the entrance wall is broken.

Recent logging activity has extended the access road. The trail now starts just shy of Wolverine Gulley.

Phelix Hut

All the windows, except for the one over the honeymoon suite, have been replaced. Some damage caused by a northern flicker nesting in the wall was repaired. The hut could use an exterior coat of paint. The possibility of installing a wood stove was discussed.

The outhouse appears to flood over the summer. The possibility of moving the outhouse was discussed. A water sample was collected to try to determine if the outhouse is leaking into the lake, unfortunately, the sample was contaminated before the testing could be completed.

The bridge over the outlet to the lake washed out last spring. The possibility of installing a new bridge was discussed.

Burton Hut

A window for the upper back wall was hauled in across the lake last winter. The window was installed last summer. We also painted the interior of the hut with a toluene based paint meant to discourage mold and installed a vent near the entrance to increase air flow.

The door was broken this winter and should be replaced this spring. It has already been ordered.

Harrison Hut

A major washout occurred in the fall of 2009 [1]. Access to the hut is currently non-existent and seems to not be for a while: [2]. No other access to the hut exists as of yet (without use of a helicopter). When the road gets cleared, it would be nice to see a much improved trail to hut as the current approach is just a really (really) long bushwack. No work can be done done on the hut until we can get to the hut. It is a shame as the area is gorgeous.

As of 2013, construction of a new trail is underway.

Lizzie Hut

We have initiated talk of "adopting" the Lizzie hut as the previous caretaker has passed away several years ago. We are currently looking into whether anyone has rights to the hut and whether we can swoop and take over. This is another beautiful location, so it would be nice to not have the hut dall apart. One of the major beams in the construction of the hut is cracked and sagging. The roof is at a very long angle meaning it accumulated a lot of snow. The access trail is overgrown with slide alder. If we do get the rights to the hut, during the upcoming summer we should clear the trail and do some minor work to make sure the hut doesn't fall apart during the upcoming winter season, during which a major overhaul should be planned to be executed in the summer of 2011.

The VOC carried out some working on the hut, including bracing one of the roof beams. We have not adopted any official responsibility for the hut


As an exec, you are of course expected to attend all the meetings and provide a voice. Small tasks and projects arise regularly that don't really fall under anyone's responsibilities, providing you the opportunity to help out as much as you can. As an exec, you will have write a journal article, write an exec report, lead 2 trips per term, and cook for the banquet.

Please look at the VOC_hut_maintenance page for more details regarding both completed and outstanding work on the huts.

2009 - 2010

Special Projects Coordinator: Artem Bylinskii

2012 - 2013

Special Projects Coordinator: Ryan McKenzie

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