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There are lots of 3rd party sources of funding for projects like Huts, Trails, environmental restoration, expeditions, etc.


The Vancouver ACC raised approximately $9000 for the construction of Jim Haberl Hut by holding a raffle. Most of the prizes seem to have been donated by local businesses


  • Alpine Club of Canada grant applications are due on January 31st of each year. Categories are Environmental, expeditions and scholarships for courses
  • MEC grants applications are due March 10th and September 10th each year. Categories include environmental research & conservation, access, advocacy and urban sustainability. The Brian Waddington Hut ($3000), Jim Haberl Hut ($10000) and Phelix Creek Trail ($855) and Europa ($2000) are examples of projects that have recieved funds from MEC grants.
  • AMS Innovative Project Fund Yes, the AMS offers grants. Applications are due in November.

Canadian Expedition Grants

Award Type/Mission Region Amount Application Due Date Notable Restrictions Sponsored by Alumni with experience with this award
John Lauchlan Memorial Award The John Lauchlan Memorial Award is a cash award designed to assist expeditions of Canadian mountaineers and explorers. The award exists to perpetuate the bold and adventurous spirit which John Lauchlan exemplified in his mountain exploits. Specifically, the award strives to promote the developement of Canadian mountaineers at an international level through the support of worthy expeditions and mountainous adventures. Global up to ~5000 CAD Submission deadline for award applications is September 30th each year. The award period covers endeavours starting December 1st through to Canadian, ACC member ACC, Arc'teryx, Explore Magazine, Integral Designs, MEC, Lake O'Hara Lodge, Yamnuska, Tony and Gillean Dafern, Gavin and Kate Ezekowitz Jeremy Frimer (applicant, not grantee)
Jen Higgins Award The Jen Higgins fund goal is to promote alpine-related pursuits for young women. The fund supports women doing self propelled trips in the mountain environment. Expeditions should demonstrate initiative and creativitiy and good potential for learning and development of leaderhip abilities. The initiative should be of direct or indirect benefit to the alpine community and community where the applicant lives. Global up to ~5000 CAD Submission deadline is January 31st each year. Announcement of successful applicants by March 15th. Canadian, ACC member, Female between 17-30 years Jen Higgins family and friends, ACC Jacqui Hudson, Krystil Koethler, Ellen Morgan, Greta Raymant
Kris Holm Unicycles: Evolution of Balance Awards Support for self-supported, adventurous mountain unicycling trips Global $1700 CAD + uni gear March 31, awarded April 30 Mountain Unicycling Trips Kris Holm Unicycles + co-sponsors & Horny Toad Clothing Kris Holm
MEC Expedition Fund Support for expeditions that are exploratory in nature, unique in approach (i.e., first alpine ascent, first river descent, or completely self-propelled from door to door), geographically remote, and/or technically difficult. These expeditions involve considerable commitment and organization, and call for extensive preparation and self-reliance. Global up to ~3,000 3 times a year, Feb1, May 1, Oct 1. Canadian, MEC member MEC Jeremy Frimer, Jaqui Hudson, Peter Hudson, Kelly Franz and many other VOCers.
ACC U25 Climbing Camp - MEC Scholarships This climbing camp covers the gamut of climbing styles from indoor gym, to outdoor sport, to multi-pitch cragging protected with trad gear.  Each day will be spent reviewing movement techniques, routefinding, gear placement, and leading all while climbing some fantastic lines in incredible situations. Climb with and learn the secrets from some of Canada's cutting edge guides and climbers, including Sonnie Trotter - one of the world's strongest crack climbers, ACMG guide and multiple first-ascentionist Rob Owens, and competition climbing guru David Dornian. Based out of Canmore Four scholarships of $500 each are available for the MEC Under 25 Climbing Camp. Cost of the camp for successful applicants will be reduced by $500 after GST. Camp happens in July, Applications are assessed on a rolling basis ACC member, Canadian, Age 17 - 24 ACC, MEC

International Expedition Grants

Award Type/Mission Region Amount Application Due Date Notable Restrictions Sponsored by Alumni with experience with this award
Mountain Hardware Expedition Sponsorship Program Our sponsorship committee evaluates applications based on many criteria, including:
  • Appropriateness of activity for using Mountain Hardwear gear
  • Originality/uniqueness of project
  • Demonstrated achievement in previous expeditions, including leadership skills, physical accomplishments, special recognitions/awards, and published works
  • Level of safety versus level of risk involved (ability of leader to recognize dangers and prevent mishaps)
  • Level of physical challenge
  • Environmental and social responsibility
Global ??? November 15th If your project is awarded sponsorship, you will be expected to carry out the project as outlined in this application, and will be asked to use Mountain Hardwear products and provide comprehensive feedback. We will also ask you to provide photography and video usage rights to Mountain Hardwear for a period of two years. Mountain Hardwear