Brew Area Trails

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There are a number of trails and relevant roads within the Brew Area. The primary access to Brew Hut is the Roe-Brew Trail.

Old Routes

As time passes, routes come and go. Trails below have fallen out of use and are no longer navigable:

Brandywine-Brew Trail

The route from Brandywine FSR to the Brew Hut is now heavily overgrown with alder and is not maintained. This access was once the shortest route in summer, and was used as the main winter access to the area. There can be considerable avalanche hazard on this route if conditions are not stable. The route involves a lot of travel along deactivated and resloped logging roads that are overgrown with alder, and considerable bushwhacking up steep terrain.

Drive / ski Brandywine FSR to a 3 way junction at 800m elevation about 5km from highway 99. Here, take the leftmost fork which crosses brandywine creek and continuous up towards Mt. Brew of the other side. This fork is narrow at first, and then becomes impassible to vehicles beyond the bridge, but there is an overgrown footpath through the alder and willow. a couple hundre meters beyond the bridge, take a left fork which switchbacks twices and climbs around to the north side of Mt. Brew. This section is steeply sidehilled, and can present considerable avalanche hazard in winter. The road ends at the far side of a clearcut, which must be climbed to the top, and then continue climbing up into the forest, heading right to a subalpine bowl at 1500m. There is no trail for this section, but look for metal markers in the trees, especially higher up. The subalpine bowl should be crossed to reach a shoulder above The Gully of Death. Cross through the col at the top of The Gully of Death and you will find yourself at a nice little lake. The new hut is above the lake to the right (west) and out of sight.