Roe Creek Road

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Roe Creek Road

[and first 3.0km of Chance Creek FSR]

Roe Creek Road 2018.jpg
Looking back at the parking location for the Roe-Brew Trail on the R200 Branch of the Roe Creek Road.
Length 9.5km from Hwy99
Class Gravel Road (6km 2WD 3.5km 4WD)
Status Clear
Access Highway 99
Destination Roe-Brew Trail
Caretaker Chance Creek FSR = Sea to Sky Forest District (DSQ)

Roe Creek Road = Road Permit Holder (Black Mount Logging Inc.)

Main article: Brew Area Trails

The Roe Creek Road is the main logging road that is used for access to Brew Hut and the Roe-Brew Trail. This page is an amalgamation of Chance Creek FSR (first 3km), the Roe Creek Road (next 5.5km) and the R200 Branch of Roe Creek Road (last 1.5km). Chance Creek FSR and the first 2km of Roe Creek Road are 2WD. The rest is generally 4WDHC,

Vehicle Access

Starting at Highway 99 travelling north, look for a sign on the right side of the road saying "Chance Creek FSR" or "Cat-ski Tours" or "Powder Mountain Cat-skiing" or something along those lines. There will be a left hand turn bay. If you see the Daisy Lake Dam, you've gone too far. Reset your odometer and immediately cross the Cheakamus River and two railway tracks. There is room for about 20 cars in a small lot just outside the locked gate and parking for Powder Mountain Catskiing 1.6 km from the highway. The road is plowed by PMC up to this point but not farther. At one time PMC allowed parking inside their gated lot for a small number of non-motorized parties but as of February 2017 this practice has been discontinued.

3.0km up the road turn right at the junction to leave the Chance Creek FSR and continue on the Roe Creek Road. At 5.9km you will cross Roe Creek. Low clearance 2WD vehicles can typically make it to this point and will park here. At 8.3km is the R200 branch which U-turns to the right. Some AWD and 2WD may make it here. Reset the odometer. At 0.9km stay right, 1.1km stay left, 1.3km stay right, 1.5km AWD park off to the right while 4WD continue left up a very steep road. Ample parking is at hundred meters up just before the trailhead to the Roe-Brew Trail.

To reach the start of the Phelix Creek Trail, go up the road, crossing Phelix Creek once, then keep left at a fork and cross the creek again. Just above the second bridge is another fork - go right this time. The road ends after several huge cross ditches where it reaches two clear cuts.

Winter Travel

Chance Creek FSR and Roe Creek FSR are used for access to snowcat skiing in winter. This means that you may not have to break trail on these roads, and skiing down the roads is a lot easier too if the snow conditions are poor. The snowcat compaction also makes it possible to skate the short uphill sections below the Roe Creek bridge when coming down from the hut. Expect to see some snowcat and/or snowmobile traffic on the main road, but not on the R200 branch. So far the drivers have all proven to be quite courteous.

Note that the snowcats do not go up the first part of the Roe Creek Mainline, but go up another road and the rejoin the mainline at the spur with the the yellow gate. Also, they may or may not be going up Roe Creek at any particular time, so don't rely on following the snowcat tracks to navigate the road system to Roe Creek.

Also, due to compaction from the the snowcat, it may be possible to drive a short distance up the Chance Creek FSR and then get your vehicle hopelessly stuck far from the end of the ploughed section. Please don't do this - it is very rude to block the FSR for other users (especially Powder Mountain Catskiing, since they are trying to operate a business), and does not reflect well on the backcountry community.


There a number of spurs off of this road and it can get confusing. View the Chance Creek Road Plan here on bivouac to see a more comprehensive road plan of all the various spurs.


2010 October 16th
The Roe Creek Road has been freshly graded is drivable, with some care, in basically any 2wd-lc vehicle. Likely this grading is in anticipation of active logging, so drive carefully.


UTM and elevations given in the table below are zone 10U and based on the WGS84 Datum. All distances are from highway 99. Eventually all junctions will be marked with orange trail marker diamonds to indicate which branch goes to the brew lake. Presently, the only junction that has such a marker is the start of the R200 branch where is leaves the roe creek mainline.

Chance Creek km Roe Creek km UTM Elevation Type Direction Description
0.0 - - - Turn off from highway 99 Left Turn off from Highway 99 onto Chance Creek FSR about 1km south of the Garibaldi Lake (aka. Black Tusk / Rubble Creek) road. There is a big left hand turn bay on the highway that is hard to miss. Cross the Cheakamus river and the railway tracks, then head left and up a hill past Lake Lucille.
1.6 - - 430m Switchback / Junction Left At the base area for the cat skiing operation is a big switchback, go left. The road is plowed to this point mid winter, so start skiing here if it's snowed in beyond this point.
2.3 - - 500m Spur Road Left minor spur on the right goes to Freeman Lake
2.6 - - - Spur Road Left minor spur on the right goes to ????
3.0 0.0 - 580m Roe Creek FSR / Chance Creek FSR Junction Right The Roe Creek FSR / Chance Creek FSR Junction is just past the top of a fairly long hill. Take the right fork. Chance Creek FSR starts going downhill and turns west after this junction. There are a new set of km markers for the Roe Creek road that start at the junction.
3.1 0.1 - 580m Spur Left keep left on the main road, which is more or less level. A minor spur goes up a hill straight ahead.
3.5 0.5 - - Spur Straight Minor spurs on both sides. The one on the right has a big yellow gate. Stay on the main road straight ahead continuing uphill.
3.6 0.6 - - Spur Right branch road on the left. Keep right up the hill.
4.0 1.0 - - Spur Left / straight ahead minor spur road to the right to access a clearcut. Keep on straight ahead. There is a 1km sign on the road just before this branch.
4.5 1.5 - - Branch R500 Right Take the lower right fork. The left fork has a gate, which is usually left open in winter but closed in summer. This junction is likely to cause some confusion since the left fork is newer and in better condition than the mainline. The main road goes right and down a small hill and then starts climbing again after a couple hundred meters.
5.2 2.2 - - Spur Left minor spur road on the right at the top of a hill to service a clearcut. The main road bears gently left and down hill.
5.7 2.7 - - Spur - Roe Creek west side Right Spur road on the left goes to clearcuts on the west side of Roe Creek. Continue right and downhill to the bridge over Roe Creek.
6.0 3.0 - 700m Bridge over Roe Creek Straight -
6.1 3.1 - 700m Branch R100 Left Take the left fork up roe creek. The right fork is R-100 and it ends after only 500m. There is lots of parking space at the junction
6.7 3.7 - - log sort straight continue straight through a muddy log sort
6.9 3.9 - - - straight In the past, waterbars started here.
8.3 5.3 485303E 5539815N 900m R200 branch Right take the branch that switchbacks to the right. If the main road starts to go downhill you missed the junction. Follow the branch steeply uphill to the trailhead, which is just above the first switchback, about 1km up R-200.
9.0 6.0 - 1000m Branch R220 Straight A branch road on the left (R220) switchbacks and continues north. Keep on straight ahead south. This branch road was built in November 2007.
9.2 6.2 486050E 5539444N 1040m Branch R230 Right Take branch R230, heading right at the switchback. Stay on this branch to the trailhead. Road built summer 2013
9.4 6.4 - - Branch R231 Left Branch R231 goes right. Stay left.
9.6 6.6 - - Branch R232 Right Branch R232 goes left. Stay right.
9.8 6.8 - - Winter Trailhead and summer 2WD parking Left The winter route heads north in a draw between two small hills and skirts the west edge of a reserve of trees in the clearcut. The trail crosses the logging road again after several hundred meters. For summer 4WD parking, continue on the logging road, downhill.
9.9 6.9 - - Branch R233 Left Take branch R233 on the left, steeply uphill. Branch R230 deadends to the right in a hundred meters.
10.1 7.2 - - Summer 4WD parking -